Fire Escape HTF game logo by HappySmile33

Logo of the game.


A screenshot from the game, featuring Flaky and Giggles.

Fire Escape is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to The objective of the game is to rescue as many Tree Friends as possible by bouncing them safely to the ambulance. Description

It’s a five-alarm fire and there’s nobody but Flaky to help the trapped victims get out of the burning building safely.


After the player clicks 1 Player Game, the game begins with Flaky holding an umbrella. She is between a building on fire and a waiting ambulance. The player has to use their mouse to control Flaky left and right. Her umbrella acts as a trampoline, which bounces the falling victims. The falling victims have to be bounced into the ambulance for points. If a victim falls to the ground, he or she will splatter. The game ends when three victims are dropped.

While the game looks simple at first, one victim will soon appear right after another as the player progresses, increasing the difficulty.



  1. There is a star in the shaded part of the moon.
  2. Because the character is decided at random, sometimes you might have multiple of the same character in the air at the same time.


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