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Character Pop-ups

Throughout Happy Tree Friends, the way the Happy Tree Friends are introduced, as well as how the title sequences and closing credits are displayed, have evolved over the years, each all the more different from each other.

Internet series

Season 1

Internet Season 1's introductions involve every character coming out of a bush, going through an animation such as a gesture (a wave), then going back into the bush and disappearing. Normally, before they appear, text appears saying "This Week Featuring...", and when all of the characters have finished, another piece of text appears saying "Almost there...", followed by the episode. All this happens while the Happy Tree Friends theme song plays in the background.

The gestures the characters make while they are visible are as follow:

Season 2-early Season 3

In Internet Season 2, all the characters are featured in a book. The book shows more characters as it flips pages. All the characters are featured one by one on the pages. The background is usually the same color as the character.

The gestures the characters make while they are visible are as follow:

Rink Hijinks Pop-ups

The episode Rink Hijinks features alternative character pop-ups. The most likely cause of this is that this episode was under development before the second season, and these were the original designs for the pop-ups.

These pop-ups all have the same background, the same color, the characters are outside instead of inside the background, and their poses are different (Ex. Flaky is happy instead of worried).

Late Season 3- Season 5

These starring intros begin with the episode Wrath of Con. Starting in Something Fishy, there is also a featuring character card, which reads "Featuring a few friends:" and has the characters on a playground. Starting in Brake the Cycle, the card instead says "Also featuring:".

Each character's starring pop-up features a rhyme or an alliteration that fits in with their personality traits, in addition to almost every word beginning with the first letter of their name, this being an exception for Lifty, Shifty, Lammy (somewhat), and Mr. Pickels whose sentences only rhyme.

Featuring Pop-ups

In the Season 3/4/5 Featuring pop-ups, the text will either say "Featuring a few friends:" or, in later episodes, "Also featuring:". As of now, there have never been more then five characters on this pop-up.

  • Cuddles is on the slide, both his arms outstretched, while looking down.
  • Giggles is on the slide, both her arms outstretched, while looking in the viewer's direction.
  • Toothy stretches out both his arms with his eyes facing the audience. He is not featured on the slide. However in Going Out With a Bang he is looking at the slide.
  • Lumpy just stands stupidly when he is not on the slide. His arms are down when he faces his right. His left hand is near his mouth when he faces his left. When he is on the slide, he lays upside down, with his body taking up almost the entire length of the slide.
  • Petunia stretches her arms out when on the slide.
  • Handy stands happily while looking happily at the viewer.
  • Nutty is too jittery to go on the slide. However, in Camp Pokeneyeout, he is at the top of the slide, looking and waving at the viewers.
  • Sniffles looks in the direction of the viewer, with both his arms outstretched. In Random Acts of Silence, he does the same thing but while on the slide. However, in Camp Pokeneyeout, he stands with his arms down while facing his right.
  • Pop stands by the bottom of the slide. However, in Going Out With a Bang, he is seen at the top of the slide, behind Cub.
  • Cub plays happily on the slide with both arms outstretched.
  • Flaky looks in the direction of the viewer nervously, with her right index finger near her mouth.
  • The Mole is feeling around with his cane while facing his right.
  • Russell smiles at the viewer with his hook in the air.
  • Mime looks at the viewer while miming. However, in Random Acts of Silence, he just faces happily to his right.
  • Cro-Marmot stands still.
  • Lammy slides down while Mr. Pickels stands on the top of the slide. However, in Spare Tire, she holds an inanimate pickle in her arms.

TV Series


Starring Pop-ups

Featuring Pop-ups

  • Cuddles: Waves with his right hand.
  • Giggles: Waves with her left while leaning to her right.
  • Toothy: Waves with his right hand.
  • Lumpy: Stands upside-down.
  • Petunia: Waves while putting her left hand behind her back and looking toward her left.
  • Handy: Waves while looking towards his left.
  • Nutty: Waves while holding a lollipop with his left hand and leaning to his right.
  • Sniffles: Waves his right hand while facing to his right.
  • Pop: Waves with his left hand while looking towards his left.
  • Cub: Stands happily.
  • Flaky: Looks at the viewer(s) nervously.
  • The Mole: Faces his right.
  • Disco Bear: Smiles while looking towards his left.
  • Russell: Holds up both arms while leaning to his left.
  • Lifty: Grins while holding his arms up while looking at the viewer(s).
  • Shifty: Grins while holding his arms up while looking at the viewer(s).
  • Mime: Holds up both of his hands while looking towards his right.
  • Cro-Marmot: Stands still.
  • Flippy: Waves with his left hand.
  • Splendid: N/A; he is not featured.

The TV ending credits.

Ending Credits

  • Cuddles turns the crank to roll the credits.

Winter Break

In this special half-hour TV episode, everyone is seen on an ornament on a Christmas tree for their starring or featuring role to fit the Christmas theme.