David Winn is an American animator and writer who works in several animation projects for Mondo Media, among others.


David Winn has worked as an animator for many projects including Happy Tree Friends, The Fairly Oddparents, Leapfrog, Disney's House of Mouse, and many other animated shows and video games.

He also directed the animated short film Fleeced which was shown at numerous animation film festivals including the Annecy International Animation Festival.

Winn also replaced Rhode Montijo as the voice of Lumpy and Splendid in 2004, in the episode Remains to be Seen (although he wasn't credited).

Quotes in Voices of the Doom

"A lot of people are... Stupid but they kind of know that they're stupid so they don't, they don't push it. They're little cautious but Lumpy has no idea how stupid he is and so he's completely free and the most enlightened; like he's found a secret of life because nothing gets to him, so that's gonna, that's how I see it...and it's beautiful."

"And they were auditioning for Lumpy, and... I think I had the lowest voice of anybody on staff, so that's why they approached me and asked if I wanted to try out it, and I got up the courage so I was able to make the 5 sounds that Lumpy makes so I came up with it."

"Yeah there was a while where I was animating on the shows that I've done a voice for him and it was pretty fun and well... It was fun when I thought I had done a decent job but having to hear myself fail to do a line well over and over and I'm animated to it."

"Acting is the real challenge. It's usually not difficult to get his voice, the tone of his voice the one when he has to act, it's tough but I'm an actor. Well I guess an animator is an actor but I'm used to being to able to act off one thing at a time but not the real time."

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