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This is a list of DVDs released for Happy Tree Friends.

Volume 1: First Blood

Happy Tree Friends: First Blood

Happy Tree Friends:First Blood television advertisement

The First Blood DVD was released on February 18, 2002[1]. It has the following regular episodes, special, and exclusive content:

Bonus Features

Bonus Pack

Select releases of First Blood also included a second disc titled "Bonus Pack," which was advertised in a television commercial for First Blood. Its contents are currently unknown.

Volume 2: Second Serving

Happy Tree Friends: Second Serving

The Second Serving DVD was released on October 14, 2003. It has the following regular episodes, special, and exclusive content:

Bonus Features

  • Commentary (with storyboard to episode comparisons) from Kenn Navarro, Rhode Montijo, Aubrey Ankrum, Warren Graff, Jim Lively and Mark Fiorenza
  • 2 premiere episodes (Snip Snip Hooray! and Eyes Cold Lemonade)
  • 4 interactive Smoochies (Petunia, Flaky, Sniffles and Pop)
  • 6 holiday Kringles (Frosty Kringle, Oh Kringle Tree, Kringle Karoling, Kringle Presents, A Kringle Feast and Kringle Bells)
  • Under the Skin of Happy Tree Friends
  • Character Interview (Intimate Spotlight)
  • Sing-a-Long (Theme Song)
  • Buddhist Monkey episode (Enter the Garden, with animatics and commentary from Navarro, Alan Lau, Montijo and Graff as an easter egg)
  • Sound FX commentary (Eye Candy) from Lively, Navarro and Montijo

Volume 3: Third Strike

Happy Tree Friends: Third Strike cover

The Third Strike DVD was released on August 3, 2004. It has the following regular episodes, special, and exclusive content:

Bonus Features

  • Bonus episodes starring Cro-Marmot and Buddhist Monkey (Dino-Sore Days and Books of Fury), with a filmed introduction by Michael "Lippy" Lipman for Dino-Sore Days and sketches and animatics alongside commentaries from Kenn Navarro, Lipman and Jim Lively (Dino-Sore Days), and Navarro, Alan Lau, Roque Ballesteros, Brad Rau and Jeff Biancalana (Books of Fury)
  • Actual commercials
  • Commentary (with storyboard to episode comparisons) from Navarro, Biancalana, Lau, Lyla Warren, Ken Pontac, Warren Graff, John Cimino, Ellen Connell, Jason Sadler, Julie Stroud and Lively
  • Commentary on the commentary from Navarro, Pontac, Graff and Lively (who does not speak, but was there)
  • Sound FX commentary from Lively, Francis Carr and Navarro
  • Vision-O-Rama
  • Actual fan art
  • Follow the Yellow Rabbit (with behind the scenes footage, alternate animation from Milkin' It, sketches, etc.)
  • See & Scream
  • Genuine comic strips (I Get a Kick Out of You, Don't Worry, Bee Happy, Just Plane Silly and Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow)

Blood Sample Sets

Four Blood Sample Sets were released in 2004 and include samples of:


HTF Overkill Box Set

The Overkill DVD set is a 3-disc set that was released on October 4, 2005 and includes:

The bonus episodes are as follows:

Winter Break

IRE12 Title Card.png
Winterbreak poster.jpg

The Winter Break special was released on DVD on October 4, 2005 and features the following:

Winter Break

Bonus Features

TV Series DVDs

TV Series DVD Vol. 1

TV Series DVD Vol. 1 cover

Released on December 5, 2006.

Bonus Features

TV Series DVD Vol. 2

TV Series DVD Vol. 2 cover

Released on April 7, 2007.

Bonus Features

  • Commentaries from Kenn Navarro, Ken Pontac, Warren Graff and David Ichioka
  • Storyboards
  • Behind the scenes featurettes (Writing for Television, The Classics, Pontac on Pontac, All Up in My Grill)

TV Series DVD Vol. 3

TV Series DVD Vol. 3 cover

Released on August 7, 2007.

Bonus Features

TV Series DVD Vol. 4

TV Series DVD Vol. 4 cover

Released on November 20, 2007.

Bonus Features

TV Series Season 1 DVD Box Set

A box set containing all 4 volumes of Season 1 of the TV series was released on January 8, 2008. The set comes with a sticker sheet.


DVD Book

~Everyone's Blood Edition~

The ~Everyone's Blood Edition~ (~みんな大流血編~) DVD Book was released only in Japan on December 2012. It contains 19 episodes from the TV Series.

Despite Lammy being on the front cover, she never makes an appearance in the TV series, as it aired before 2010.

~Always Panicky ☆ Edition~

The ~Always Panicky ☆ Edition~ (~いつも大パニック☆編~) DVD Book was released only in Japan on July 2014. It contains 20 episodes from the TV Series.

Happy Tree Friends: Complete Disaster

All main characters, excluding Petunia and Splendid, on the DVD cover.

The Complete Disaster DVD set was released on November 5, 2013. It is a 4-disc collection which includes all 13 of the TV episodes and 75 of the first 78 Internet episodes (Spin Fun Knowin' Ya to No Time Like the Present; three Internet episodes are missing; see Trivia section below) presented in widescreen.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4


  • Three of the Internet episodes, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya! and From A to Zoo, are missing from this set for unknown reasons. They are all available on older DVD releases.
  • Autopsy Turvy is spelt Autopsy Turvey in Disc 2's menu.
  • Water You Wading For is written with a question mark in Disc 3's menu.
  • Nuttin' Wrong with Candy, Stayin' Alive and You're Bakin' Me Crazy are written with exclamation marks in Disc 3's menu. Likewise, I Get a Trick Out of You, Suck It Up, See You Later, Elevator, All Flocked Up and I Nub You are all written as such in Disc 4's menu.
  • Treasure Those Idol Moments is spelt Treasure These Idol Moments in Disc 3's menu.
  • Rink Hijinks is spelt Rink Hijink in Disc 3's menu.
  • Eyes Cold Lemonade is placed before Snip Snip Hooray! on Disc 3, when they should be the other way around. Likewise, Can't Stop Coffin is placed before Read 'em and Weep on Disc 4.
  • Snip Snip Hooray! is written with a comma in Disc 3's menu.
  • See You Later, Elevator is put in between Suck It Up and Just Desert on Disc 4 when it should be in between A Bit of a Pickle and Clause for Concern. Likewise, the very next short, Just Desert, is put in between See You Later, Elevator and Can't Stop Coffin when it should be in between A Sucker for Love Part 2 and Peas in a Pod.