Nutty stalks Cuddles.

This article focuses on the rivalry between Cuddles and Nutty.


Cuddles and Nutty do not interact very often, but on the rare occasion that they do, they do not seem to get along very well. However friendship does occasionally occur between the two.

Cuddles' Side

Jam 3

The one time these two get along.

Cuddles seems to harbor distaste towards Nutty. In Sweet Ride, he was horrified when he saw Nutty chasing him for his ice cream cone, and showed no concern for him when he died, even showing relief towards the fact that he could enjoy his treat. In Class Act, Cuddles seemed to be put off at witnessing Nutty biting a chunk of both Sniffles' body and costume. Cuddles also showed annoyance at Nutty stealing his car in the False Alarm episode. Also, while to a lesser extent, Cuddles seemed indifferent towards accidentally burning Nutty's eye in Camp Pokeneyeout.

The only positive mark about Cuddles' opinion of Nutty is that he was polite to him in In a Jam and showed no contempt towards the fact that both of them were auditioning for the same part in Lumpy's band despite obviously wanting a part.

Nutty's Side


Nutty is a jerk.

Nutty also seemingly has a low opinion of Cuddles. He willingly stalked Cuddles for his ice cream in Sweet Ride, stole his car from him in Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm, and stole his box of fireworks in Going Out With a Bang with no concern for him in either occasion.

However, the conflict isn't quite as strong on Nutty's side, as he helped Cuddles find a place to get money from donating blood in the episode In a Jam. Nutty also showed no problem working alongside Cuddles in the school play in Class Act unlike the former. In Take a Hike, Nutty showed a tiny bit of concern for Cuddles and the other campers. Nutty is also subscribed to Cuddles on YouTube as seen in YouTube 101: Subscriptions.

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