General Trivia

  • Cub is how people like to call a baby bear or younglings of large cats (tigers or lions), which explains his name.
  • In the internet shorts, there are a few episodes where Cub is not with Pop. However, in the TV series, Pop and Cub are always together.
  • On Cub's "Collect Them All" card, he is said to be lactose intolerant. This might be false, since Cub drank milk with no problem in Bottled Up Inside. The formula could have been soy or another substitute, but given Pop's track record, this is unlikely.
  • Cub can be seen without his beanie in Snip Snip Hooray!, Water Way to Go, Hello Dolly, As You Wish, A Hole Lotta Love, and Every Litter Bit Hurts.

    Cub without his beanie.

  • The only TV episodes that Pop and Cub don't appear in are "Twelfth Night" and "Friday the Thirteenth".
  • Despite the fact that he rarely survives, his survival rate in season four is very high considering how he appears in three episodes and dies in one of them.
  • Pop and Cub appear in all three TV episodes of "The Third Degree".
  • Cub is usually considered the physically weakest main character, mainly because of very young age and childish behavior.
  • Cub appears in Treasure Those Idol Moments, Rink Hijinks, Let It Slide, It's a Snap, I Get a Trick Out of You, Kringle Feast, and Kringle Presents without Pop. Pop only appears without Cub in Something Fishy (unless Cub was sitting in his lap) and in Tunnel Vision.
  • Cub cries in Stealing the Spotlight, And the Kitchen Sink, As You Wish, A Sucker for Love Part 1, Cubtron Z, Spare Tire (sort of), and A Handy Nanny.
  • Cub is the 7th character to come back to life after dying in an episode, as he died in Havin' A Ball and appeared later in Treasure Those Idol Moments.
    • Sniffles and Toothy also died before appearing again in Treasure Those Idol Moments, but Cub is counted as the seventh since he was the last of the three characters to physically appear.
  • According to the episodes Snip Snip Hooray! and Easy Comb, Easy Go, he has auburn hair.
  • Similar to Handy and Sniffles, Cub doesn't seem to mind (or even notice) if other characters die or get injured, or even if something is about to happen to him.
    • In Don't Yank My Chain, he laughs when Handy is being dragged along by a train.
    • In Rink Hijinks, he tears Lumpy's heart out and hugs it, thinking it's a toy from a claw machine.
    • In Who's to Flame?, he doesn't seem to notice that Sniffles had been killed.
    • In Havin' A Ball, he doesn't seem to notice that Pop had been killed despite seeing his remains.
    • In Just Desert, he picks Lumpy's skull up and holds it to his ear like a seashell.
    • In A Hole Lotta Love, he smiles and laughs when he is about to be crushed by the drill machine.
    • In Concrete Solution, he doesn't seem to notice that a bridge above him is collapsing (Pop, however, was also oblivious).
    • In Wingin' It, he laughs as he's being sucked out of a plane.
    • In You're Kraken Me Up, he only seems curious when Petunia's severed head lands next to him.
    • In A Vicious Cycle, he isn't shocked or confused by Disco Bear's death he just stares at his head blankly.
    • In A Handy Nanny, he points and laughs at Handy's eye injury.
      • This may, however, be because Cub is a baby and doesn't understand death.
      • However in Can't Stop Coffin, he's seen mourning his mom's death.
  • Unlike most other characters, he is rarely shown playing with other characters (the obvious exception being Pop and sometimes the body parts of a dead Lumpy).
  • Besides Pop, Cub is most often seen with Lumpy and Petunia.
  • The grave that Pop and Cub visited in the episode Can't Stop Coffin is likely the grave of Cub's mother, as it has been confirmed that she's dead.

    Pretty sure Pop was responsible for his wife's death.

  • The first time he appeared without Pop was in Treasure Those Idol Moments.
  • Cub's voice actress was changed when Ellen Conell moved and was unable to voice Giggles, Petunia, and Cub. However, in Clause For Concern, she voiced Cub.
  • In Season 3, his alliterate sentence is: Cute kids are cuddly and carefree!
  • Cub and Pop are the only duo characters that aren't always seen together. This is unless one counts games, as in Stay On Target, Lammy appears without Mr. Pickels.
  • Pop and Cub's Season 3 featuring card is somewhat similar to their TV series starring card.
    • Also, their Season 2 starring card is somewhat similar to their part in the opening of the TV series.
  • Cub was originally going to be called "Fuzzy".
  • Besides Mr. Pickels (if he is truly alive), Cub is the smallest Happy Tree Friend.
  • Cub, despite wearing a diaper, is shown to have intellect that exceeds that of a normal infant (evidence is most prominent when he talks, and reacts to the events around him). This may suggests that Cub may be older than his initial appearance shows.


  • He is one of the only two main characters to have small black eyes, the other being Mr. Pickels. However, Sniffles used to have them under his glasses in earlier episodes.

Episode Statistics

  • Cub survives in 13 out of the 54 episodes he appears in. If he survived his debatable deaths he would have survived 18 episodes.
  • Cub and Sniffles have the highest amount of starring roles out of the characters who aren't the four main characters.
  • Cub has both appeared and starred on his own without Pop's presence numerous times. This makes him the only duo character who starred on their own without the presence of the other character.
  • Even though Cub dies in many episodes, he has the second highest survival rate out of all the characters who rarely survive, which is enough to pass Mime.
  • Cub has more pop-ups than all of the other characters, this is because he has two pop-ups in season 1 and three in season 2.
  • He is one of the few characters who starred in three TV episodes. The others are Pop, Giggles, The Mole, Disco Bear, Russell, Flippy, and Splendid.
  • If one doesn't count Pop, Cub has co-starred with Toothy, Sniffles (twice), Flaky (thrice), Disco Bear (thrice), Lumpy (five times), Cuddles, Petunia, and Nutty (If one counts Stealing the Spotlight).
    • Ignoring Pop, Cub co-stars with Lumpy the most.
  • Since Cub and his father are duo characters, Cub stars in every episode Pop does, even though he has very little screen time in A Hole Lotta Love and Clause For Concern. A featuring role would suit him better in these episodes.
  • The only starring roles he survives are Rink Hijinks and A Vicious Cycle.
  • Cub stars in Clause For Concern despite only appearing at the beginning, end, and after credits.
  • Even though Smoochies usually features one character, in Pop and Cub's Christmas Smoochie, Pop is featured along with his son. This marks Pop's second Smoochie and Cub's first one. However, only Cub dies in that Smoochie.
  • Pop and Cub are the only duo characters (the other duos being Lifty & Shifty and Lammy & Mr. Pickels) who don't have the same number of starring roles.
  • In the TV series, Cuddles appeared in all of his starring roles.
    • In the TV series, Cuddles appeared in all of his starring roles. Cuddles dies in two of the three episodes.
  • So far, A Vicious Cycle. Cubtron Z, and Spare Tire are the only episodes where he survives while Pop dies. Usually it is the other way around.

Kills and Deaths


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