General Trivia

  • He is the first enemy Buddhist Monkey fights that is not a ninja.
  • On the Happy Tree Friends Social blog they have commented that "We talked about the different animals Char Sui could be but ultimately settled on a pig for reasons you will be finding out much later in the series." This might mean that Char Sui will come back in future episodes.
  • His name is similar to Chiaotzu, a character from "Dragon Ball Z".
  • His name sounds and spells similar to "Char Siu", which means 'Barbecued Pork' in Cantonese.
  • "Shui" (水) is Chinese and Japanese for "water", almost matching his last name "Sui".


  • He wears a bamboo steamer (which is used to hold dim sum) as a hat, further links him to the Chinese cuisine theme.
  • The bombs that he used to throw at Buddhist Monkey might be based on pork-filled dumplings (pronounced as "Char Siu Bao" in Cantonese), which links to his name. In addition, dumplings are a type of well-known traditional Chinese food.


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