Char Sui is a villain of the Happy Tree Friends spin-off series Ka-Pow!.

Character Bio

Char Sui is a pink, male pig warrior minor villain who first appeared in Three Courses of Death. He is the Dark Shadow Lord's right hand man. When the Generic Tree Ninja failed to kill Buddhist Monkey, the Dark Shadow Lord sent Char Sui to kill him. Char Sui, like many Buddhist Monkey characters, has powers such as teleportation. Char Sui also has weapons, such as a hat in which he keeps his pork dumpling bombs, and phoenix claws (chicken feet). He proved to be a much harder challenge to Buddhist Monkey than the Generic Tree Ninjas, destroying half of Buddhist Monkey's house in their fight. Char Sui summoned a gigantic crab to fight Buddhist Monkey and they nearly succeeded in killing him. Char Sui died, however, when Buddhist Monkey heated up a lake until it was so hot that he exploded and the crab was boiled alive. The Dark Shadow Lord was enraged by this either because of his death or because Buddhist Monkey was still alive.

Episode Count

  1. Three Courses of Death

Kill Count



  1. Three Courses of Death: Heated up in a boiling lake until he exploded.

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