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Episodes where only one character (mainly the starring one) suffers for most of the plot.

  • The character needs to suffer at least one injury.
  • Episodes with only one death counts (only if this directly opposes the fourth criteria below).
  • Episodes where no one dies counts as long as they suffered.
  • Episodes where other characters also die and suffer injuries can count as long as the focus is still on the starring character's suffering.

Results (Characters who have the most episodes)

  1. Lumpy: 9
  2. Cuddles: 7
  3. Cub and Sniffles: 6 (Tied)
  4. Nutty: 5 (counting both parts of "Sucker for Love" as one)
  5. Toothy, Giggles, Russell, and Nutty: 4 (Tied)
  6. Handy, and Petunia: (Tied)
  7. Disco Bear and Flaky: (Tied)
  8. Flippy, Pop and Splendid: (Tied)

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