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Candy Cave is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to The objective of the game is to collect as many candy as you can and go through the cave as far as you can as well. Description

Feed Nutty’s candy cave by having him grab candy in a cave! Enable his addiction now!



During the game, Nutty moves on his own. You can only control his jump by clicking the left mouse button. Holding the left mouse button longer will make him jump higher.

Candies can be collected, and if you collect enough candies, you'll get a level bonus. As Nutty goes further, puddles, rocks, and gaps will appear more often. If Nutty falls down a pit, he'll get impaled on a sharp rock and the game is over.

The score is determined by the distance Nutty travelled, the number of candies, and the level bonuses he got.



Nutty's death.

  • Nutty gets impaled on a rock.


  • Throughout the entire game, Nutty's left eye is his lazy eye.


  • This game was originally going to be called Sugar Rush!.
  • The cave's background changes color every time you begin a new game.
  • Nutty's death is similar to one of Lumpy's deaths in Blast from the Past and Sniffles' death in Take a Hike.
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