Buddhist Monkey, ready to fight!

This article is about the Ka-Pow! series. For the character of the same name, see Buddhist Monkey
Original Air Date: September 23, 2008
Number of Episodes: 3
Spin-off from: Happy Tree Friends
Main Character: Buddhist Monkey

Buddhist Monkey reappears in this all new Ka-Pow! action series.

About The Show

"Buddhist Monkey" is a spin-off Happy Tree Friends. The show is named after its main character Buddhist Monkey. In the series, Buddhist Monkey, as well as fighting Generic Tree Ninjas, fights more advanced warriors like Char Sui. The Dark Shadow Lord is revealed to be Buddhist Monkey's worst enemy and constantly sends out ninjas and warriors to kill him. Despite this, Buddhist Monkey has never met The Dark Shadow Lord once and might not even knows he exists. It is also the very first time in Happy Tree Friends (apart from the cliff-hangers) that a sense of continuity is hinted. Panda Mom and her baby return for "Buddhist Monkey" and it is hinted they are poor. The Generic Tree Ninjas also make a brief cameo. There may be a continuous plot throughout the series. Also, the style of the series is very similar to Samurai Jack, a cartoon show about a samurai trying to fight an evil demon. The very beginning of Three Courses of Death has a very similar art style to Samurai Jack's art style.

Buddhist Monkey

In the series, some of Buddhist Monkey's past is revealed. It shows he was trained by Sensei Orangutan as a child. It show Buddhist Monkey to have an afro, but it was burnt of by Sensei Orangutan, thus the dot on his head. He also had a problem summoning fire when he was training, but managed to do finally do it while fighting Char Sui and the Giant Crab. It is also revealed that his trainer, Sensei Orangutan, died between his training and the episode as Buddhist Monkey visits his grave and his spirit visited Buddhist Monkey in a battle with Char Sui and The Giant Crab. It is likely that more of Buddhist Monkey's personality and past will be revealed in future episodes.


The series, like Enter the Garden and Books of Fury, is set in oriental China. It is likely that the location would change every episode (though they may return to some locations). It showed where The Dark Shadow Lord lived and it is likely that The Dark Shadow Lord's castle will be seen again in future episodes. As it is set in China, it is likely to have Chinese characters (e.g. pandas, bears, etc.).


  1. Enter the Garden
  2. Books of Fury
  3. Three Courses of Death



  • This is the only Ka-Pow! series show to use the animation of the original Happy Tree Friends, and ironically the only Ka-Pow! series not to use characters from the normal Happy Tree Friends series.

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