General Trivia

  • His name may be derived from the name "Buddhist Monk".
  • He loves plants (as seen in Enter the Garden) and books (as seen in Books of Fury).
  • He may not really be a part of Happy Tree Friends, possibly just the main character from a previous (failed) show.
  • Lumpy is in every regular episode that he cameos in.
  • Since there are video games and movies about him in HTF, he might be a fictional character within the show (i.e., a show within a show).
  • One of the Dead Rising 3 psychopaths Harry "Zhi" Wong shares his personality and apparel: both try to live peacefully in their gardens until someone disrupts and incites them in a murderous rage - Buddhist Monkey gets disrupted by the Generic Tree Ninjas who vandalized his Oriental garden and Zhi gets disrupted by one of the zombies who hit one of the gongs, both have small paintings on their heads - Buddhist Monkey's being four dots while Zhi's being a Yin Yang and both grieve over their losses of something that means to them - Buddhist Monkey grieves over one of his ruined garden plants which his powers failed to resurrect but one of his tears did while Zhi grieves about his recent hardship that involved losing his job, his wife divorcing him for another man, his disdainful children and even the zombie outbreak.
  • The younger Buddhist Monkey wearing a dark afro and a track suit may be a reference to a famed martial artist Bruce Lee.
  • All the titles of episodes featuring Buddhist Monkey are references to Bruce Lee movies (Enter the DragonFist of FuryGame of Death).


  • We learned in Three Courses of Death that Buddhist Monkey used to have a full head of hair, but when his sensei demonstrated the fire-making technique, the flames burned off his hair.
  • He has four dots on his head like some real-life Buddhist monks have.
    • His round, bald, yellow head with dots gives him a small resemblance to Omi from Xiaolin Showdown.
    • The dots on his head are similar to Krillin from Dragon Ball Z. His head looks like the trademark four-starred dragonball.
    • His design is similiar to Aang's from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Episode Statistics


  • He is one of the two characters whose audible voice is based on the species of animal they are (since almost every sound he makes sounds like a real monkey), the other character is Lammy.
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