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"High kicks and fast punches seem to follow this docile monk as he gets assaulted from all sides by nefarious villains out to test his patience."
―Buddhist Monkey's description on Mondo Media's old website.[1]

This article is about the character. For the action series of the same name, see Buddhist Monkey (Ka-Pow! series)

Buddhist Monkey is the protagonist of the Happy Tree Friends spin-off series of the same name.

Contrary to what some fans believe, he technically is a member of the show's main cast, as he doesn't even exist in the same universe, unlike the other Ka-Pows.

Character Bio

Buddhist Monkey is a yellow-orange anthropomorphic monkey who has appeared in only three episodes, Enter the Garden, Books of Fury, and Three Courses of Death, all of which he has survived and starred in. His enemies, the Generic Tree Ninjas, are bears that try to destroy what he cherishes, like in Enter the Garden when the Ninjas destroyed several of his plants, and in Books of Fury when they ripped and colored in several of the Monkey's books. Buddhist Monkey has appeared in three other episodes. In Rink Hijinks, there was a picture of him in a crane machine. In Blind Date, at the drive in, the movie was Books of Fury, and in Keepin' it Reel it was Enter the Garden. Buddhist Monkey is the only staring character that has never died in the series. His arch nemesis is The Dark Shadow Lord.

Normally, Buddhist Monkey is kind and calm, but when he is disturbed by Generic Tree Ninjas or another enemy, he becomes violent and starts to fight, despite his attempts to remain calm. Usually this transformation is followed by special effects. This aspect of his personality being most similar to Flippy except he's triggered by anger when Flippy is triggered by something reminding him of war.

Back when Buddhist Monkey was as cool as Disco Bear.

In the Ka-Pow! episode, Three Courses of Death, we learn a little more about Buddhist Monkey's past. When he was a younger monkey, still in training, he had an Afro that was burned off by the fire of his sensei (which would explain why he is bald). Through his sensei's teachings, Buddhist Monkey learned how to control fire with his hands, eventually becoming strong enough to boil the water of an entire lake. In the episode, Buddhist Monkey was able to defeat his nemesis' right hand man, Char Sui. Though he never actually meets his unseen enemy, it can be assumed that the two will do battle in the future. However, with Ka-Pow canceled, this scenario won't come any time soon.

Buddhist Monkey's Episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Enter the Garden
  2. Books of Fury
  3. Three Courses of Death

Featuring Roles



  1. Rink Hijinks (pic on plushie automat)
  2. Blind Date (movie screen cameo)
  3. Keepin' it Reel (movie screen cameo)
  4. Happy New Year (poster)

Number of Kills

Character Number of Times Killed Episodes
Generic Tree Ninjas 19 13 from Enter the Garden
3 from Books of Fury
2 from Three Courses of Death
Others 2 Char Sui and the Giant Crab from Three Courses of Death

Survival rate

His survival rate is 100%, in fact, Buddhist Monkey has never died, despite appearing in a universe that is the main series (he has sustained injuries, however, including being stabbed by Char Sui).