Blood Donor is a Still Alive short that could only be viewed by fans who bought the Still Alive package. The episode was later released for free.


The short begins with an unconscious Giggles lying on a hospital bed with an empty IV connected to her arm. Doctor Lumpy walks in the room holding a new fluid bag in his hand, which is full of blood. Lumpy removes the empty fluid bag and replaces with it with the full one. Lumpy struggles to properly jam the needle in the bag and ends up putting a hole in it. This causes the blood from the bag to splatter all over Giggles and she begins to breathe heavily as she flatlines. Lumpy looks around desperately for a solution to save Giggles. He gets an idea when he looks at his arm sadly and jams the needle into his bloodstream. This saves Giggles and she lies unconscious again. Lumpy is happy to have saved his patient but this idea costs him his life as he falls backwards dead and bleeds on the floor.


  • Lumpy dies from blood loss when too much of his blood is sucked through an IV tube.


  1. Giggles suffered an unknown injury as she is lying in a hospital bed unconscious.
  2. Giggles has a hard time breathing when she flatlines.
  3. Lumpy sticks a needle in his arm.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 1
  • Total Rate: 50%


  • A fluid bag is pierced with a needle causing all of its blood to squirt out.


  1. When Giggles flatlines the needle is attached to the bag but when the screen cuts to Lumpy he is holding the needle.
  2. Considering how tall Lumpy is, he shouldn't have died from blood loss so quickly.

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