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Brennan1234567890 Brennan1234567890 4 days ago

Favorite Pictures from Characters

My absolute favorite pictures. Note, that this could change.

These are from Cuddles. Other characters appear there, if you note.

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Brennan1234567890 Brennan1234567890 4 days ago

First Time Here!

Hi everyone, my name is Brennan. I really wanted to be a part of this wiki, and I'm so glad that I'm here! I really enjoy this wiki!

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This squirrel can take up to 202020 degrees.

He loves candy so much,

even though I don't like candies, I am a changed person, to never do cake again.

He eats lots of candies, hangs out with others and chooses to stay with others too! Awesome!

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PeachyMeko PeachyMeko 10 days ago

Depressed lol

BRO Happy tree friends fans are so depressed its so funny to me- but also im depressed so that says something-

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Ianluca893 Ianluca893 6 July


////...,,,.../.../... NUMBERBLOCKS

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Moonyyuri Moonyyuri 3 July

i bored

dont ask why

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Johncastro223 Johncastro223 26 June

clipping show's.

It starts with flaky at Flippy's home. They both are cleaning up and Flaky finds a book called “fun memories” . Flaky flips through the book and calls in flippy.

Flaky: flippy! Look, I found our memories book. It's been awhile since we used it.

Flippy: well why don't we start reading it?

Flaky: ok.

She flips the pages and the htf theme song starts. After that flippy and flaky are on the couch. Looking at the book.

Flippy: hey… remember this. You were at the disco ice skating place.

Flaky: yeah… it was an event.

We cut to the memorie. It plays as usual. Flaky is trying to get on the ine.

Flaky: oh then. How do I do this? Alright…

She struggles on her balance.

Flaky: ok then. (nervously laughs) I think I'm actually enjoying myself…

Disco bear: your kin…

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Ckdtjd234 Ckdtjd234 26 June


Is anyone here?

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Lilly Moon Fairy Lilly Moon Fairy 17 June

Princess Stars Pretty Cure (season 1)

Princess Stars Pretty Cure (プリンセススターズプリキュア Purinsesusutāzupurikyua) is a first season of the japanese anime series produced by Toei Animation, The series' main motifs are music, fashion, stars and royals.

  • 1 Synopsis
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Pretty Cures
  • 3 Mascots
  • 4 The Dark Kingdom
  • 5 Recurring Characters
  • 6 Items
  • 7 Locations
  • 8 Trivia

Princess Stars Pretty Cure Episodes

The normal 13-year old Emily and her best friends Isobel and Inayah, three girls that lives in Midway High School, an ordinary town where students and more friends, suddenly, the evil organization named Dark Kingdom has come, the girls and boys were transformed into the Pretty Cures.

  • Axel Bradburn/Cure Blitz
  • Charlie Dimelow/Cure Schatten
  • Toby Dimelow/Cure Strahl
  • Jacob Fleet/Cure Flackern
  • Ashley Ford/Cure Metal…

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Lilly Moon Fairy Lilly Moon Fairy 16 June

Princess Stars Pretty Cure

Princess Stars Pretty Cure (プリンセススターズプリキュア Purinsesusutāzupurikyua) is a japanese anime series produced by Toei Animation, The series' main motifs are music, fashion, stars and royals.

  • Princess Stars Pretty Cure (2008-09)
  • Princess Stars Pretty Cure Sharp (2009-10)
  • Princess Stars Pretty Cure Royalty (2010-11)
  • Princess Stars Pretty Cure Music (2011-12)
  • Princess Stars Pretty Cure Believe (2012-13)
  • Princess Stars Pretty Cure Eternal (2013-14)
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Unicorn.123sl Unicorn.123sl 11 June


hello everyone

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Airvibes Airvibes 7 June

greetings fellow gamers

i really do be bored atm

might go on a walk later prob

i don't really know what else to put here

i particularly enjoy handy

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KingCanadian21 KingCanadian21 5 June


Tee hee hee! Lifty and Shifty rises up again! And they are back for more stealing of stuff, they are kleptomaniacs!

Also credits who joined the Lifty and Shifty Gang:




Mark Giambruno

Kenn Navarro

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KingCanadian21 KingCanadian21 1 June

Why is Lumpy stupid and dumb in the first place?

Why IS Lumpy stupid and dumb?

Because his brain is maybe so small, and not working. He wanted to be like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber.

This is not way more dumber than this has been. To all users, Lumpy is sus.

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Hi I'm in school :(

I legit hate school. Its a good thing it's about to end in a week.

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KingCanadian21 KingCanadian21 1 May

About Splendid

Splendid (Originally listed as Splendid The Flying Squirrel) is a really great squirrel that can save HTF friends, defeating Splendont and his boss, which can lead to awesomeness and zaniness! NO ONE, and absolutely NO ONE CAN STOP HIM (except for Lifty and Shifty though.)

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Ziegfiqgfiqg12 Ziegfiqgfiqg12 1 May


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KittyKatChannel15 KittyKatChannel15 19 April

Idk if it's just me-



[1](Video in comments)

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CameAcrossHTFin21 CameAcrossHTFin21 16 April

Two and a half billion!

I've kept track of over 370 videos and determined that the views were approaching 2,500,000,000 in total (not counting the ones that once could be seen on the major platform but can't be now). From the morning to the afternoon today, I took a survey, dealing with computer slowness, interruptions, and buzzing noises. With an increase of over 60 million since the middle of January, it should be ten days or so until the mark is reached.

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CameAcrossHTFin21 CameAcrossHTFin21 13 April

A year of watching HTF

Last year on this date, I first ventured down the road of "Happy Tree Friends."

I had been watching the Rifftrax version of the '80s movie "ROTOR" for maybe the second time. A moment in which the title character held a fry cook's head onto a fryer reminded me of something I'd seen over 15 years before on G4, in a promo for the late-night Barbed Wire Biscuit.

I decided to watch Flippy's whole body of work. The next day, if I remember correctly, I saw everything Splendid was in. Then, on Tax Day, Lifty and Shifty. Later in the spring, I went over everything else in order.

Late in that run, I thought this was the sort of thing I wouldn't watch again. I was wrong.

I see in "Happy Tree Friends" what I'm sure everyone else sees: cute moments and vio…

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ChonkyDumplingUwU ChonkyDumplingUwU 8 April

My friends and peps i want to be friends

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CupcakesUwU CupcakesUwU 31 March

I'm not Linavloger

Reason: If I wouldn't be mature, I would be her, but I'm a patient person and a mature one

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CameAcrossHTFin21 CameAcrossHTFin21 31 March

One hundred million!

Overnight, the view count for the final TV episode accomplished what was the subject of most of my entries. I remember when it was still behind "Eyes Cold Lemonade," which was posted 15 years ago this month. But now, "Friday the 13th" is Mondo's first video with 100 million views on the major video platform.

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CupcakesUwU CupcakesUwU 30 March


This might be weird, but I just like the way Lina makes her arts in DA

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Kae-demon Kae-demon 30 March

Power Mime AU

This blog is about the characters and events of Power Mime.

  • 1 Current Characters
    • 1.1 Marshal (Mime)
    • 1.2 Peyton (Petunia)
    • 1.3 Scott (Sniffles)
    • 1.4 Fiona (Flaky)
    • 1.5 Genesis (Giggles)
    • 1.6 Felix (Flippy)
    • 1.7 Flix (Fliqpy)
    • 1.8 Nathanael (Nutty)
    • 1.9 Robyn (Russell)

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CupcakesUwU CupcakesUwU 29 March

Have you ever heard of Linavloger?

She has been blocked uhmm, maybe yesterday, I can't remember, maybe yesterday for some reason, if you find the main cause, tell me

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Airvibes Airvibes 26 March

wow ok

yo it's my first blog i guess

dunno what i'm gonna use this for but cool to know that it exists

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CapriPon CapriPon 20 March

whats up?

hows everybody doing? just doing this for a badge lol

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CameAcrossHTFin21 CameAcrossHTFin21 15 March

Over or under?

Based on how the TV series finale has progressed from 95 million views to 99 million, my projection is that it will hit nine figures March 31 at 8:34 a.m. EDT.

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KittyKatChannel15 KittyKatChannel15 8 March


i seriously watched Encanto last night now all of the songs are stuck in my head...

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CrazyNugget123 CrazyNugget123 4 March

My HTF headcanons!

This is just about some headcanons I have- enjoy reading! Please be respectful in the comments-

(This may change frequently!)

  • 1 Flippy
  • 2 Flaky
  • 3 Cuddles
  • 4 Giggles
  • 5 Splendid
  • 6 Petunia
  • 7 Handy
  • 8 Pop
  • 9 Disco bear
  • 10 Nutty
  • 11 Mime
  • 12 Cub

-Panromantic Asexual

-Transgender (FtM) (goes by he/him, but doesn't mind they/them)

-Has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and DID (dissociative identity disorder

-No current love interests, but did go on a date with Giggles once


-Nonbinary (AFAB, all pronouns)

-Has anxiety

-No love interests

-Likes gardening, names plants after friends

-Close friends with Cuddles

-Bisexual (Prefers women)

-Transgender (FtM) (goes by he/him)

-Dating Giggles

-Tries to get Flaky out of their comfort zone, though it seems more forceful

-Flaky's closest fr…

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KittyKatChannel15 KittyKatChannel15 4 March


Just this one assignment AND IT WON'T LET ME PASS!!!!!!!

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KittyKatChannel15 KittyKatChannel15 2 March


Hey, how you doin' i'm doing just fine, i lied, i'm dying inside.

I seriously am cuz i keep simping for giggles and i feel like i need therapy. Lol

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Randomgayperson Randomgayperson 28 February



cis gender






practicing piano

calming places


watching tv


anything that makes him flip-out

fears: spiders






his gf (giggles)






when people makes fun of him crossdressing

fears: dentists

all i have so far inps. @Keiko from WS

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CameAcrossHTFin21 CameAcrossHTFin21 28 February

In 15 years, the Top 25

Check out the other post to see the superlatives. I could post more analysis and explain the appeal, but I don't want to surrender some of the fun stuff to Creative Commons.

Happy Tree Friends videos account for about 72 percent of Mondo's total views, and Mondo's top 26 videos are HTF (No. 26 is "Love-a-thon").

The view totals are freshly compiled (6:43-6:51 a.m. EST today). I could also include the view counts from six months ago, but that wouldn't be a good look for the table.

Some things about timing, length, and the way the platform works might be part of how these videos got so many views, but the moments and characters are why we keep watching 15 years after the first one was posted to the big site.

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HappyTreeSponge HappyTreeSponge 27 February

Characters by Episode Count

  1. Lumpy - 115
  2. Giggles - 89
  3. Cuddles - 78
  4. Toothy - 72
  5. Petunia - 65
  6. Sniffles - 59
  7. The Mole - 58
  8. Cub - 54
  9. Pop - 51
  10. Flaky - 50
  11. Nutty - 46
  12. Handy - 45
  13. Mime - 40
  14. Russell - 33
  15. Lifty and Shifty - 33
  16. Disco Bear - 29
  17. Cro-Marmot - 28
  18. Flippy - 23
  19. Splendid - 11
  20. Lammy and Mr. Pickels - 7
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CameAcrossHTFin21 CameAcrossHTFin21 27 February

Fifteen years, many numbers

Yesterday afternoon (12:06-1:28 p.m. EST), on the eve of the fifteenth anniversary of "Icy You" kicking off a sensation for the major video platform, I looked at the view count for every single Happy Tree Friends video on Mondo's channel. On 371 videos, the total was roughly 2,458,581,819. That's over 110 million more than six months ago. Of course, it's not counting the two posts that were made unavailable. Here are the top ten.

Now, some superlatives (view counts rounded down).


  • VIDEO, TV EPISODE, HTF VIDEO UPLOADED IN 2012, HTF VIDEO UPLOADED IN THE 2010s: Friday the 13th (98.1M views, posted to the platform 12-2-12)

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Jackal Himorse Jackal Himorse 24 February

How survival rates would be if i ran HTF

Cuddles - 25 Survivals & 75 Deaths 25%

Giggles - 36 Survivals & 50 Deaths 41.86%

Toothy - 19 Survivals & 61 Deaths 23.65%

Lumpy - 83 Survivals & 78 Deaths 51.55%

Petunia - 18 Survivals & 63 Deaths 22.22%

Handy - 20 Survivals & 68 Deaths 22.727%

Sniffles - 73 Survivals & 24 Deaths 75.26%

Nutty - 16 Survivals & 53 Deaths 23.19%

Flaky - 29 Survivals & 71 Deaths 29%

The Mole - 75 Survivals & 36 Deaths 67.57%

Disco Bear - 4 Survivals & 32 Deaths 11.11%

Lifty & Shifty - 10 Survivals & 28 Deaths 26.316%

Pop - 8 Survivals & 32 Deaths 20%

Cub - 33 Survivals & 11 Deaths 75%

Mime - 17 Survivals & 14 Deaths 54.84%

Russell - 20 Survivals & 4 Deaths 83.33%

Splendid - 25 Survivals & 3 Deaths 89.29%

Cro-Marmot - 28 Survivals & 2 Deaths 92.6%

Lammy - 15 Survivals & 5 Deaths…

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Kae-demon Kae-demon 22 February

Random stuff

I guess you can consider this an art dump of some sort.

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CrazyNugget123 CrazyNugget123 19 February

Sexuality/gender headcanons for some characters!


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KittyKatChannel15 KittyKatChannel15 17 February

I'm so tired but i dared myself something to do-

I'm thinking of making/animating like a WHOLE episode but i don't know what episode to animate.

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Bootlegitimate Bootlegitimate 15 February

3rd Anniversary (Late)

I don't even do much on the Wiki anymore, but hey, 3 years! It's as if I joined yesterday, though. Man, I miss some of the people I would interact with here, such as SteveBobMinecraftPants, HappySmile33, etc. Good times and good memories. But all things must come to an end, I suppose. I plan to be more active on here, although I'm not sure in what way. Either as an editor, somehow, or just certain fan stuff. Who knows. I'm still holding out for a revival of the series, and who knows: we could be seeing something in the near future. The fandom has been somewhat vocal about its desires for a revival, and we could be getting one. I'm sure most of you reading this don't even know me, though, so I'll just stop here. Here's to more years of hope…

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WhatAboutMe12 WhatAboutMe12 11 February


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PeachyMeko PeachyMeko 26 January

drawings ig lol

I barely did any drawings of htfs characters yesterday, is this a sign that I'm finally over with this obsession- maybe not but I did get one of my friends to change their who layout to flippy on Twitter so that was fun, anyways Here is a drawing of flaky I never uploaded. Also maybe I should open requests again it was fun drawing random htfs characters no idea lol

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AnonymousHTFfan AnonymousHTFfan 21 January


Today I don't have any plans. I just plan on chillin' with Flippy, Flaky, and Mime at the park and pray that Lumpy and Disco Bear Don't f*** it up.

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CameAcrossHTFin21 CameAcrossHTFin21 20 January

Nine figures

As the TV series finale approaches 100 million views on the major video platform, I'm often looking at the numbers, and today the total has passed 96 million, just fifteen days after 95 million! At this rate, that milestone will be achieved by April!

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Youtuberzguy911 Youtuberzguy911 13 January


Starring Roles : Handy


Handy and Toothy are seen camping in a tent in a forest


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Randomgayperson Randomgayperson 10 January

down with the flu

ill try to update when i get better

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Randomgayperson Randomgayperson 3 January


im bored

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CameAcrossHTFin21 CameAcrossHTFin21 2 January

Badge bug

It happened on Fanon, and it happened here. I'm being credited with badges I don't deserve. I have yet to add a single picture to any wiki, but something in the system is wrong.

Four minutes after I posted this, I figured it out. Removing all the pictures from the "Gems the Breaks" gallery by mistake and then undoing the edit, that's what did it.

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