Best Happy Tree Friends Character Tournament was a tournament on the Mondo Media site where one out of all of the main characters was chosen as the best.


The bolded characters are the ones eliminated in that round.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5



  • All of the duo characters battled their pairs in the first round with the winners being Cub, Shifty, and Lammy.
    • However, all of them were eliminated in Round 2.
  • All of the characters who debuted in the first round were eliminated before Round 3.
  • According to the main table, Cro-Marmot was the only "bottom character" to be eliminated in round 1. Similarly, Lumpy was the only "top character" to be eliminated in Round 2.
    • Flippy was the only "bottom character" in the quarter-finals to make it to the semi-finals.
  • When the tournament first started, The Cursed Idol took the place of The Mole.
  • Flaky is the longest lasting female character in the tournament, as she made it to the finals.


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