• In this episode, Lumpy shows signs of codependency.
  • Giggles is the only character in Lumpy's photos that does not go to the zoo with Lumpy in From A to Zoo and with Lumpy in Take a Hike.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which all of the featuring and appearing characters die while the starring character survives.
  • Lumpy is responsible for every death in this episode.
  • Toothy is the only character to die a slow death in this episode.
  • About 14 characters are killed at the fair, yet only about half of them (7) are seen dying onscreen.
  • This episode marks the second (and, to date, latest) instance of Disco Bear trying to kiss a character on the lips. The first time was in Blind Date. In this episode, he tried to kiss Giggles' "corpse". (Though, she was still in motion at the time).
  • This is one of the five episodes in which Lumpy is not seen living in a trailer, the other four times being Dunce Upon a Time (where he lives a giant in a castle), Junk in the Trunk (where he lives in a house), Peas in a Pod (where he lives on a farm) and All In Vein (where he lives in another castle).
  • In the Fall Out Boy music video The Carpal Tunnel of Love, Toothy is seen to be allergic to bee stings. In this episode, however, the bee stings do not cause any apparent allergic reaction (though it is possible the music video is not canon).
  • Lumpy, Cuddles, and Toothy are the only characters in this episode who are not killed by Lumpy's giant popcorn.
  • As the camera pans across the carnival the first time, we see Lifty and Shifty wearing their signature smiles next to a cow: a possible reference to the episode Milkin' It. Even the cow is the same one as in said episode.
  • This episode has a total of 16 deaths (the same amount as Who's to Flame?). However, this episode is not considered as one of the darkest and most violent episodes, as most of the deaths are fast and unseen.
  • Crowtv

    This TV predicted the location for the next act!

    When the crow turns on the TV in Lumpy's house, the carnival that appears later on in the episode is depicted on the screen.
  • With the exclusion of Lammy and Mr. Pickels (both of who will not appear until 2010), Splendid, Flippy, and Cro-Marmot are the only three characters that do not appear in this episode.
  • Giggles seems to be smiling when she is dead.
  • This is one of the six episodes with an exclamation mark in the title. The other five are Snip Snip Hooray!, Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!, Snow What? That's What!, Wipe Out! and We're Scrooged!.
  • Petunia's dead body is reused from The Wrong Side of the Tracks.
  • The other contestants in the giant vegetable contest must have all lost for specific reasons:
    • Nutty began to eat his entry (a caramel apple), or because his entry was a fruit, not a vegetable (though fruits may have been allowed because fruits and vegetables are rather similar). His entry was also very small.
    • Sniffles' entry (a glowing green carrot) could have been disqualified because they thought Sniffles tried to cheat by making his entry bigger scientifically. Similarly to Nutty's entry, it was also small, so it would have failed regardless of it being scientific or not.
    • Mime's entry (something invisible) was not real and with it not being present or no evidence confirming its existence, it was not counted.
    • Handy dropped his entry (a giant tomato) because of his lack of hands, and even if he did not drop it, he would have lost, since his entry is seen to be somewhat smaller than Lumpy's entry. If Lumpy did not participate in the contest, Handy would most likely have been the winner, regardless as to whether or not Handy would have dropped it.
  • The music that plays during the carnival overview is the same music used in the online arcade game Tightrope-A-Dope.
  • Out of all the things shown at the carnival, the only thing that did not receive any damage was a carousel.
  • When Lumpy is sleeping in his destroyed house, he is shown to be able to fold his antlers. This is the only episode where he has achieved this.
  • This episode marks one of the many instances of a character making "puppy eyes". The other instances are Lumpy in Class Act, In a Jam and Letter Late than Never, Toothy in Better Off Bread, Lumpy and Russell in Get Whale Soon, Petunia, Giggles, Lumpy in Stealing the Spotlight, Flaky in Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!, Lifty in Easy For You to Sleigh, Fliqpy in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, Sniffles in Wrath of Con, and Nutty in Icy You.
  • The music at the beginning can be heard again when Cuddles arrives at the railroad crossing.
  • The former YouTube thumbnail for Part 2 spoiled Toothy's death. The current one spoils Giggles' death.

​Cultural References

  • The phrase "Aw shucks" is a comedic way of saying "Oh my gosh."
  • Before a giant piece of popcorn kills Sniffles, Mime, and Nutty, Sniffles covers his eyes, and Mime covers his mouth. This is an indirect reference to the idiom "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil", which means to follow only good things, and not bad things. However, Nutty does not cover his ears.
  • Lumpy breaking down the bathroom door with an axe, sticking his head in, and shouting "Here's Lumpy!" is a reference to The Shining, most specifically its famous "Here's Johnny!" scene.
    • This also marks the first time a character says their own name.


Production Notes

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