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Aw, Shucks! is episode number 9.3 of the Happy Tree Friends TV Series.

HTF Episode Description

Farmer Lumpy proudly protects his giant "son" ear of corn from a hungry crow!

Farmer Lumpy battles a hungry crow as he grows a giant ear of corn for the fair. (DVD)


Lumpy shoos The Crow off his beloved corn.

The episode begins with Lumpy preparing a full country breakfast, made up of steaming coffee, fried eggs, bacon, ham, and a stack of pancakes. He puts the food on a tray and carries it out to his cornfields where a giant ear of corn is propped up against other stalks of regular sized corn. Lumpy places the breakfast on the ground in front of the corn, next to another tray with several empty plates on it, and puts a bib around the corn before kissing it. A few seconds later, a crow comes by and perches itself on the giant cob. Lumpy sees this as a threat to the corn and starts to yell at it to make it go away. Once the crow leaves, Lumpy consoles the giant corn once the crisis gets averted.

Lumpy returns to his house and he starts to eat his own breakfast: a stale, moldy piece of bread which breaks his teeth as he eats it. He looks over at a row of pictures and tears of pride well up in his eyes. The pictures show the growth of the ear of corn and everything it and Lumpy when through in between, such as the corn starting out as just a single kernel, the corn learning to ride a trike and the corn graduating with Sniffles. Lumpy is broken from his trance, however, when he notices some more crows are hovering over the corn fields.

He runs out to the field and chases the crows away again, placing a large band-aid over a small hole a crow punctured in one of the kernels of the big ear of corn. Taking action, Lumpy orders something "post haste" over the telephone. Cuddles arrives literally a second later to deliver a scarecrow, which Lumpy immediately sets up. However, when he sticks the post of the scarecrow into the ground, it severs a

Cuddles the mailman gives Lumpy his scarecrow.

power-line buried deep into the ground. As Cuddles drives away from Lumpy's house, he stops at a railroad crossing where the lights are flashing. Because Lumpy messed up the power line, however, the crossing barrier doesn't go down. Confused, Cuddles looks both ways and doesn't see a train approaching, so he decides to cross. Just as Cuddles starts moving forward, a speeding train zooms by just before his truck touches the railroad, figuratively scaring the poor bunny to death. After the train passes, Cuddles gets out of his delivery van and breathes a sigh of relief, only to have the crossing barrier unexpectedly come down and split him in half. Back on the farm, a crow lands on the scarecrow. It flies away in fear, however, when the scarecrow goes up in flames from the electricity of the severed power line. The crow flies past Lumpy and into a nearby tree, prompting an angry Lumpy to begin chopping the tree down. The tree falls and breaks a section of Lumpy's barbed wire fence, sending both down into a nearby pond with fence posts sticking out. The crow flies into Lumpy's house and the door shuts behind it, locking Lumpy out. Seeing the crow messing with his TV, Lumpy begins to use his axe to break down the front door. As the crow flies around the house, Lumpy fails to hit

Toothy becomes the second mailman that Lumpy kills this episode.

it with his axe, and as a result, he ends up destroying his furniture. After many more failed attempts, his entire house collapses.

After feeling a draft pass by, Lumpy places another order on the phone and once more only has to wait a second as Toothy shows up with an electric blanket. As Toothy walks back to his van, Lumpy sees the crow sitting on a tree branch hanging over Toothy's delivery van. He throws a rock at the crow, but misses and hits a beehive. The hive falls in front of Toothy and breaks, sending a swarm of angry bees to attack him. Toothy sees the pond from before and, getting an idea, runs over and jumps into the water. Unfortunately, he gets tangled up in the barbed wire from the fence, causing him to drown.

Later that night, Lumpy places the electric blanket and a sleep mask over the big ear of corn. He looks around and wonders where the scarecrow went. Seeing one of the posts from the fallen fence, Lumpy assumes he found it. He places the post, with Toothy's dead body tied around it with barbed wire, in the ground in front of the corn. He then goes back to his destroyed house and sleeps on the floor, using a piece of wood as a blanket.

Panoramic view of the carnival (prior to destruction).

The next day, a carnival is being held. Happy Tree Friends gather at the joyous location with livestock, games, rides, and food stands all over the place. As we pan across the fair, Pop and Cub enter, Petunia and Russell operate the food carts, Flaky sits as the victim of the dunking booth, Disco Bear tries to seduce Giggles (and failing again), and Lifty and Shifty stand next to a cow, pulling off their signature grins and possibly plotting to steal it. On a stage, there's a giant vegetable contest being held. The contestants reveal their vegetables: Sniffles hold a glowing green carrot, Mime is seen trying to lift an invisible (and heavy) object, Nutty is seen eating his entry, a caramel apple, and Handy, who is upset after he accidentally drops his entry, a giant tomato. The last contestant is Lumpy, who has the blue ribbon for the biggest vegetable. As Lumpy cheers at his victory, another air draft passes by, and Lumpy gets the chills. Lumpy then pulls out the electric blanket and wraps it around his corn. Unfortunately, as Lumpy sets the heat to maximum, the knob on the control box breaks off. Seeing the corn turning red, Lumpy quickly tries to pull the blanket off, but as soon as he touches the overheating blanket, Lumpy ends up burning his hands due to the extreme heat it emits. Once the blanket reaches it highest peak, the kernels on the giant corn begin to pop.

Large pieces of popcorn fly out in every direction, much

Disco Bear finally wins a date with Giggles.

to Lumpy's dismay. While Disco Bear still attempts to seduce Giggles by dancing, he turns around. At that exact moment, the first piece of giant popcorn falls on Giggles' head, bashing her brain out. When Disco Bear turns back, he notices Giggles standing up, stumbling around and the giant popcorn still on her head. Disco Bear assumes that Giggles is dancing, and the popcorn is her "afro." As Disco Bear proceeds to kiss Giggles, another giant piece of popcorn falls on top of him, smashing his body. Seconds later, Giggles' dead body falls over. While Flaky still sits at the dunking booth, she witnesses a piece of popcorn flying towards her. Luckily it misses her. As Flaky gives a sigh of relief, then shrieks when more pieces of popcorn fly towards her. Miraculously, none of them hit Flaky. Unfortunately, as Flaky turns her head to give another sigh of relief, a piece of popcorn smashes her head off her body. Suddenly, someone tosses a ball at the target, making Flaky's headless body fall into the tub. It turns out to be The Mole, who shakes his fist in success, only to be killed quickly by another piece of popcorn crushing his head into a nearby booth and turning it into the shape of a pac-man. As the last pieces of corn

The destruction of the fair.

pop, Lumpy quickly ducks as one flies towards him. This causes Nutty, Mime, and Sniffles to get beheaded.

Before long, the livestock, carnival-goers, and carnies are all dead at the hands of the killer popcorn.

On the stage, Lumpy is curled up in a ball, then he hears a loud thud. Lumpy crawls up to the burnt cob, which only has two kernels left on it. Lumpy cries in anguish at the loss of his beloved corn, before one of the remaining kernels pops and hits him in the face. Liking the taste, he removes the popcorn and begins consuming it, he then ducks out of the scene. As the episode ends, the crow from before (or possibly a different crow) flies up and takes off the last kernel.


"Friends are flowers in the garden of life"


  1. Cuddles is cut in half by a falling barrier at a railroad crossing.
  2. Toothy is attacked by bees and ends up drowning when he jumps in a lake and becomes tangled in barbed wire.
  3. Giggles is hit by Lumpy's killer popcorn, forcing her brain out of her head.
  4. Disco Bear is crushed by Lumpy's killer popcorn.
  5. Flaky is beheaded when she is hit by Lumpy's killer popcorn.
  6. The Mole has his head crushed by Lumpy's killer popcorn.
  7. Nutty, Mime, and Sniffles have their heads and arms knocked off by Lumpy's killer popcorn.
  8. A cow, a goat, two pigs, two sheep, Lifty, Shifty, Handy, Russell, Petunia, Pop, and Cub are also killed by Lumpy's killer popcorn. Their deaths were not shown but their bodies are seen when the screen pans over the destroyed carnival.
  9. The Crow might have died if the kernel it had in the beak was popping afterwards. (Debatable)


  1. Lumpy breaks his teeth when eating a stale piece of bread.
  2. Toothy is stung all over his body by bees.
  3. When Lumpy tries to remove a heating mat, his hands burn due to the increasing heat.
  4. One of the corn's kernels pops on Lumpy's face.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 16
  • Total: 5.8%


  1. A crow punctures a hole on one of the kernels on the giant ear of corn.
  2. The post of Lumpy's scarecrow severs a power line.
  3. Lumpy's scarecrow catches on fire and burns down.
  4. Lumpy chops down a tree.
  5. Lumpy's barbed wire fence is destroyed.
  6. Lumpy legitimately destroys his entire house and every thing inside it.
  7. Lumpy throws a rock at a beehive.
  8. Lumpy accidentally breaks off the knob on the heating mat's remote.
  9. The popcorn flies and breaks through a green tarp twice and the wooden pool holding the water for Flaky to fall in.
  10. The giant ear of corn destroys the entire carnival after popping into popcorn.


  1. Handy and The Mole have more of an appearance role.
  2. Lumpy's antlers change directions numerous times, sometimes during continuous shots.
  3. The ground outside of Lumpy's house when he's bringing the platter full of breakfast to his corn is not completely drawn on the right side of the screen. As it appears transparent/hollow.
  4. First the door to Lumpy's house opens outwards. When he opens the door for Cuddles, it opens inwards. When the crow flies into Lumpy's house, it opens outwards again. When Lumpy bursts open the door to attack the crow, it opens inwards once more. When he opens the door for Toothy, it opens outwards again, but now it opens in the other direction. However, it may be a free swing door.
  5. One of Cuddles' cheeks overlaps his mouth when the train nearly hits him.
  6. Cuddles has two buckteeth when he dies (the lines shouldn't have drawn on the teeth since his body is split into half).
  7. Toothy's mail van is right next to Lumpy's porch, but when Lumpy throws a rock at the crow, the van is further away near a tree.
  8. The beehive on the tree doesn't appear until after Lumpy throws the rock.
  9. There are no lily pads on the surface of the pond, but they are visible when Toothy is below water. Although some of them are visible before Toothy jumped in the pond, but they were near the side of the it, not above Toothy.
  10. The barbed wire goes from being wrapped around Toothy's left ear to his right ear when he goes from being above the surface of the water to below it.
  11. When Lumpy goes to sleep, his antlers bend in an angle of 90 degrees. Since antlers are bones connected to Lumpy's skull, that is not possible.
  12. When Handy makes his angry scowl, his pupils are black dots.
  13. When Giggles' brain is bashed out by one of the giant pieces of corn, her brain lands on the table. The blood on the table is a very light shade of pink.
  14. There are several goofs in the panoramic shot after the destruction of the fair:
    1. The blood on Nutty, Mime, Shifty, Petunia, Handy, and Pop's bodies are light red, but the blood surrounding their bodies on the ground is dark red.
    2. Lumpy and his corn are not on the stage.
    3. The Mole died right in front of the dunk tank at a ball throwing game, but his body is against a tent no where near the dunk tank. There is also no ball throwing game next to the dunk tank before or after the damage.
    4. Flaky should be visible when in the damaged barrel in the hole Flaky is not visible.
    5. Giggles is seen smiling, even though she didn't die with that facial expression.
    6. Flaky's dunk tank appears undamaged, despite receiving giant holes from before.
  15. I guess you could say that Giggles is "light-headed."

    When Sniffles, Mime, and Nutty die, their fruits/vegetables are gone. (Mime's was invisible so this doesn't count, and Nutty probably finished eating his, but Sniffles' is gone. Handy's tomato also disappears.)