Aubrey Ankrum is an American animator and graphic artist. He is mostly known as one of the creators of the popular Flash cartoon Happy Tree Friends. He also worked on several Mondo Media shows and has made graphics for many other companies.


As an animator, Aubrey has worked on many internet shows, especially for the company Mondo Media. He was the creator, director and head writer of the popular internet cartoon The God & Devil Show. There he worked with Kenn Navarro and Rhode Montijo and with them he made a little short cartoon called Banjo Frenzy. The short then became the series Happy Tree Friends which became an internet phenomenon. In the show Aubrey voiced the characters of Pop, Flippy (from 2000-06), and Fliqpy (Evil Flippy). The Follow the Yellow Rabbit part of the Third Strike DVD shows that he did the robot voice and the other is what sounds like baby talk. Aubrey also proclaims that his nickname from high school is "Seagull". He has a wife and kids. According to writer Warren Graff, Aubrey has left Happy Tree Friends but they'll sample his voice rather than replacing him for the voices Fliqpy and Pop. He also did the voice of the Croc Hunter, Abe Lincoln And Cody (of Kathie Lee Gifford) in The God & Devil Show.

As a graphic artist, he has done graphics for Microsoft, Macromedia, Disney, Warner Bros., BBC America and Cartoon Network.

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