• Running gag: Every time a character wishes for their best desires, they end up getting killed by that desire.
  • Cub and Nutty are the only characters whose deaths weren't caused by Lumpy.
  • This episode marks one of the few times Lifty, rather than Shifty, drives their van. This means that Cub was killed solely by Lifty, rather than both twins.
  • Those who make wishes, with the exception of Pop (who dies later on), die because of said wish. This could mean that the wishes bring death to those whom the wish is intended for rather than the wisher.
  • This episode marks the first time Nutty has actually spoken, instead of just making sounds, the second time was in Random Acts of Silence, although in that episode we couldn't hear them. As a third, in Camp Pokeneyeout, you can hear him say "Hot!" when his eye is burned on the marshmallow.
  • Lumpy would later be portrayed as a mythical creature in Dunce Upon a Time and All In Vein.
    • However, he has an antagonist role in the latter episodes.
  • Sniffles and Petunia suffer similar injuries (from the disco ball/sack of coins) before being killed by the rocket, as both involved getting pierced all over their body.
  • The light bulb in Lumpy's lamp didn't work, possibly because of his stupidity playing on a literal that he isn't very bright. Petunia didn't throw Giggles' lamp away, possibly because that lamp's bulb did work.
  • This is the first episode in the TV Series where Lumpy stars and survives.
  • This is one of the three episodes of TV Season 1 in which Disco Bear is the first character to die. The others are Wishy Washy and Double Whammy Part I.
  • Petunia, Cub, Giggles and Mime are the only characters in this episode that didn't make a wish.
  • Nutty is the only character whose wish didn't injure or kill any one. (except himself)
  • Nutty is the only character who had a preventable death.
  • Pop is the only character who wasn't killed by what he wished for.
  • Of the nine deaths in this episode, two of them involve Disco Bear's giant disco ball (Disco Bear and Cub), and three of them involve Sniffles' rocket (Sniffles, Pop, and Mime).
Mime Balloon Rocket

If you see a rocket, you have a clean mind.
If you see a dick, you have a dirty mind.

  • Many of the comments on YouTube say that the balloon Mime made resembled the shape of a penis, even though he actually made the shape of a rocket.
  • Mime's death in this episode was more comedic than his other deaths. It is also one of the most comedic deaths in the series along with Toothy's death in Snow Place to Go.
  • When Lumpy emerges from the lamp at the end, he says "What the hell?"
  • Both of the YouTube thumbnails spoil the following:
    • Part 1 spoils Disco Bear's injury before his death.
    • Part 2 spoils Pop's death.
  • It is hard to tell if Nutty and Disco Bear made their wishes with the intention of the objects being as large as they were but given their personalities, it is a distinct possibility.
  • This episode marks the longest sentence a character says.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is usually a formal way to agree with something, even though you don't want to do it.
  • Due to the events of this episode, it may be likely that the plot of this episode is related to story The Monkey's Paw, as both the episode and story feature characters wishing for what they wanted and then receiving a hideous twist that is related to the wish. An example includes Pop wishing for a (new) firetruck for Cub, but ironically, Lumpy misinterprets his wish, and he literally sets Cub ON fire and then Cub gets injured (not killed) by a real firetruck.
  • The light bulb Petunia screwed on to the lamp is an energy-saving one.
  • Lumpy wiggling his nose to grant Disco Bear's wish is a reference to the TV show Bewitched, where the witch, Samantha, would cast spells by wiggling her nose.
  • Pop's death is similar to Bishop's death in the 1986 film "Aliens".


Production Notes

  • When this episode was uploaded along with Every Litter Bit Hurts and Take a Hike on YouTube, the alternate title for the conglomeration of segments was "Marooned Five" (a reference to the band name Maroon 5), which was originally named "The Fifth Grade". Lumpy and Sniffles appear in all three of the episodes. In addition, Lumpy stars in all three episodes and dies twice while Sniffles appears and dies in all three episodes.
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