S3E8 Lumpytoothbrush

Lumpy with a toothbrush in a pre-release image.

  • Despite there being a pre-release picture of Lumpy holding a giant toothbrush, it never actually made it into the final cut. (the writer, Warren Graff posted a comment on sneak-peek page saying that he didn't remember the giant toothbrush in the script).
    S3E8 balloons

    Can you see the giant toothbrush in the background?

    • The giant toothbrush, however, can be seen in the background next to a clump of trees before Lumpy floats up to the branch with the balloons.
    • It might have also happened with Lammy and Mr. Pickels in A Bit of a Pickle, since the pre-release image of them also features a giant toothbrush.
  • This is the only time Lumpy dies from falling from a long height, in other episodes when he falls from a huge height he only gets injured.
  • A HTF flash game named This Game Is All Flocked Up is based on this episode.
  • There are no female characters in this episode.
  • When this episode was first uploaded, it was somehow deleted for an unknown reason.
  • Warren Graff is not credited for voicing Toothy in this episode

Cultural References

  • Lumpy flying by tying a bunch of helium balloons to a lawn chair is similar to a real-life event that occurred in 1982 where a trucker named Larry Walters flew 15,000 feet by tying 45 helium balloons to a lawn chair.
    • The Blurb openly references the similarities of the scene to the 2009 Pixar movie Up.


Production Notes

  • Writer Kenn Navarro said on the "Burn After Reading" page (p2) that Handy was going to be in Toothy's place, but was changed to Toothy because he has hands and wanted to make it clear that he was tarring his roof. He felt it was important to see somebody pushing the broom around, something that Handy wouldn't be able to do (also seeing how Warren Graff is the voice actor for both Toothy and Handy, it wouldn't take much effort to change from Handy to Toothy).
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