Many of the deaths that occur in Happy Tree Friends are a result of the main characters doing something ignorant, unwise, or just downright stupid. Almost every character is prone to committing these actions, causing the deaths of themselves and/or others around them.


S1E6 Water You Wading For Cuddles mid air

Signs are obeyed for a reason, as Cuddles will soon find that out.

Cuddles is known for being mischievous and self-centered, which is often the root cause for several of his actions and sometimes the death of other characters and/or himself.

  • Water You Wading For: Cuddles jumps into a lake despite the fact that swimming is not allowed, which Flaky points out. Because of this, Cuddles is attacked and killed by the creatures in the lake.
  • Sweet Ride: He does not look where he is skating, causing him to crash into a staircase.
  • Flippin' Burgers: When Fliqpy flips Cuddles and Giggles' table, Cuddles just stares at him blankly and continues drinking his soda like nothing happened. When Fliqpy sticks a straw into his chest his blood spurts out of the straw, so he drinks his own blood thinking it would help, then dies/passes out from massive blood loss. (Debatable, because he couldn't think of any other way to save himself.)
  • Let It Slide: Oblivious that a water valve was turned off, he pushes Flaky (whom clearly didn't want to go down a dry slide), skinning her and loosening all the bolts on a section of the slide.
  • Ipso Fatso: He crashes his car for no reason. (Debatable, he might have been distracted by Disco Bear and Lumpy.)
  • Take a Hike: He somehow doesn't notice Toothy is tying a cobra to the stake instead of a rope.
  • Dunce Upon a Time: Though this doesn't kill him, Cuddles, Sniffles, and Flaky run dangerously close to Giant Lumpy for no reason after Mime's death. He chooses a hiding spot where he is standing on blades designed to finely grind. He also visibly and audibly moves in this hiding spot, giving away his location to Giant Lumpy (to be fair, he was hiding in a pepper grinder, and he could not help sneezing).
  • A Change of Heart: He plays soccer with Handy's heart.
  • A Hole Lotta Love: He leaves his trash cans in the street instead of on the edge of his lawn or the sidewalk. He, along with Mime, tries to run away from the falling chunk of his house instead of taking a few steps to the side to avoid being crushed.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: Cuddles continues to drink his soda even after The Mole drops a bag into his drink.
  • Aw, Shucks!: He drives past a boom gate that, although malfunctioning, was clearly trying to go down, indicating that a train was coming.
  • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: In the opening scene, despite being a rabbit, he holds the tin can phone to the side of his head where a human ear would go instead of up at the base of his ears. This could likely be the real reason he could not hear Lumpy. Cuddles looks down at the cup Lumpy gave him and he somehow failed to notice the hot coffee inside. Later in the episode, when the tail of Flippy's helicopter starts turning, Cuddles stands still and screams when he could have easily turned to his house for safety.
  • Can't Stop Coffin: He climbs over a fence without seeing what is on the other side (in this case, a deep hole where he gets trapped in a coffin, burned, drowned, and subsequently killed).
  • Breaking Wind: He stands out in the open while a tornado is coming, making no effort to get to a safer spot or get away to a safer distance.
  • You're Kraken Me Up: He does not see the tentacle controlling Giggles, even cheering when Lumpy "saves" her.
  • Just be Claus: He is dressed up as the Easter bunny on Christmas Eve. (Debatable according to Ken Nevarro, the holiday isn't traditional.)
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks:Logically, he should have stayed away from the roller coaster after the 1st incident like how Flaky, Disco Bear and Russel did. Heck, he should have warned the new passenger about how the roller coaster was clearly unsafe.


Kringle Karols

You're on fire and there's snow on the ground, do the math Giggles!

Like most characters, Giggles is blissfully ignorant and unaware of hazards until the last minute. She does seem to be narrowly smarter than the other characters, at least in common sense.

  • Eyes Cold Lemonade: Stares at the sign falling instead of moving out of the way. (Debatable, as the sign falls too quickly for her to move). She also goes back to work on the lemonade stand instead of letting her face heal at home. Giggles sips what she thinks is lemon juice, even though lemons taste bad on their own.
  • Better Off Bread: She skips through flowers until, not watching where she was going, she falls off a cliff. (Debatable, as the cliff might not have been visible against all those flowers).
  • Kringle Tree: While mostly on Lumpy's accord, Giggles unwisely stood in the spot where Lumpy was about to swing his axe.
  • Kringle Karols: Even though she is surrounded by snow, she continues to scream in pain after her candle lights her on fire.
  • Every Litter Bit Hurts: She puts a wooden hair brush in a plastic recycling bin. (However, she did not have a trash bin.) She also entrusts The Mole with a litter-picker despite his blindness.
  • A Change of Heart: She hands Lumpy the scalpel to perform the operation without telling him that Disco Bear wasn't given anesthesia.
  • Cold Hearted: Tries to kiss Cro-Marmot, despite having her lips ripped off when she kissed him in Wipe Out!.
  • Something Fishy: After Russell's Piranha jumps into her cup of water, Giggles drinks it without looking inside first. Thus the piranha chews her to death. (Debatable: Who looks in their drinks?)
  • Breaking Wind: She stands out in the open while a tornado is coming, making no effort to get to a safer spot or get away to a safer distance.



I don't think he ever went to dentistry school.

Toothy tends to act on impulse, in terms that he chooses not to think before doing things.

  • Nuttin' but the Tooth: While performing dentistry on Nutty, he reads a book on how to perform the operation the whole time instead of actually reading it beforehand, and then pierces a needle all the way through Nutty's cheeks so that none of the Novocaine even enters him. Then he makes a hole through the back of Nutty's head using a power drill. After that, he tries to remove a loose tooth by tying a string to it, removing Nutty's lower jaw in the process.
  • Eye Candy: Runs across a path while holding a lollipop while his eyes are closed, resulting in it getting lodged in his eye socket when he trips over a log.
  • Class Act: As he flees in terror, he tosses a lit candle near a stage curtain, creating a fire that burns down the school. (Debatable, as it was a reaction of panic)
  • Better Off Bread: He is oblivious to the fact that Giggles is dead when Splendid puts her down and witnesses a shower of meteorites without making any effort to run for shelter, resulting in his death.
  • From A to Zoo: He doesn't hesitate or panic when he should have been able to see the rhino charging at his direction, instead he stays perfectly still.
  • Kringle Karols: He attempts CPR on Cuddles by pressing on his stomach or even pelvis instead of his chest. Also considering the damage, even correct CPR would do nothing.
  • Who's to Flame?: He tries breaking the door down with an axe, but throws the axe at the door instead of repeatedly swinging at it.
  • Take a Hike: He somehow doesn't notice he is tying a cobra to the stake instead of a rope.
  • Mime to Five: Rather than the recommended two spoonfuls, Toothy pours two whole barrels of gunpowder into a cannon. This leads to an explosion that kills Toothy and splits Cuddles in half. (Debatable, as Mime did not give very good instructions)
  • Junk in the Trunk: Walks in the middle of some road just to find his pet animal, only to get run over.
  • Cold Hearted: He tosses a snowball at Giggles just as she was about to kiss Cro-Marmot. This leads to Giggles' eyeballs getting stuck to the ice, forcing her to pull them out. (Debatable, as this could be a prank.)
  • Peas in a Pod: He stands perfectly still when a Pod Lumpy is about to cut him with an axe. He breathes in the toxic gas instead of holding his breath or protecting himself in a safe place like Petunia's house.
  • Brake the Cycle: He rides his bike despite the fact a bolt is missing (which he clearly knew was missing), leading it to fall apart and gradually killing him. 
  • His Smoochie: He eats a rotten Easter egg with little thought, poisoning himself seconds later.


Finished rollarcoaster

Lumpy thinks THIS is great work?!

Lumpy is considered by most fans as the least intelligent character in the series and is responsible for the majority of the stupid acts committed in the show. However, on closer examination, this may not be the case on some occassions.

  • Spin Fun Knowin' Ya: He spins the merry-go-round so hard it causes Cuddles, Toothy, and Giggles to fly off (to be fair, they did keep telling him to spin it faster).
  • Wheelin' and Dealin': He wears a snorkel and scuba mask in a car race.
  • Pitchin' Impossible : He gives The Mole some balls to pitch with despite the fact that he figured out he is blind.
  • Treasure Those Idol Moments: He hits Flaky with his car in clear sight while she was in a playground. He also seems completely unfazed by the fact that he just killed another character.
  • You're Bakin' Me Crazy: He brings Petunia a blood-covered cake and says "Merry Christmas!" at her birthday party.
  • Meat Me for Lunch: He does not seem to care at all that Lifty & Shifty were killed, and uses their remains to make meat for his butcher's shop (Debatable; Lumpy not caring that the raccoons were killed and feeding them to his customers could simply have showed his vengeful side. However, he looks surprised when Petunia realizes she was eating someone.)
  • It's a Snap: He falls for bear traps baited with cheese. Later, after Splendid snaps them off he gets stuck in giant bear trap.
  • Snow What? That's What!: He lies shirtless on a hammock with a drink in the winter. (Debatable, as he seemed completely unaffected by the cold just like real moose and might have just been embracing it.)
  • Happy Trails Pt. 1: He is not paying attention to the road (even walking away from the wheel), causing the bus to crash onto a desert island. (Debatable; Petunia and Mime took his attention away from the road.) He never thinks about hitting the brakes.
  • Rink Hijinks: He wears skis instead of skates at a roller skating rink (to be fair, possibly for balance) while wearing boxers.
  • Class Act: He instructs Toothy to go on with his act despite the other play actors' injuries (possibly done out of apathy, not stupidity). He also casts Nutty in a play that has a character dressed as a candy cane. (Debatable; it is unknown if anyone knew about Nutty's addiction at this time).
  • The Way You Make Me Wheel: He shaves while driving, resulting in his death, and Handy's death as well.
  • I Get a Trick Out of You: He unintentionally suffocates a bird by keeping it in his hat for too long, saws Cuddles in half due to a magic trick, and later uses up the blood which Cuddles needed to survive. Lastly, he kills himself with a smoke bomb.
  • Let It Slide: He wears Flaky's skin as a hoodie, not only not noticing (or ignoring) the fact that it is Flaky's skin but completely neglecting to cover his lower half, which is what the problem is.
  • Out on a Limb: Lumpy tries to run away from the falling tree when he could've just walked sideways to avoid being crushed. He cuts off the leg which was not stuck under the tree instead of vice versa.
  • Keepin' It Reel: He makes no attempts to escape Fliqpy even after he kills Flaky and Cuddles in front of the screen Lumpy was watching.
  • Icy You: He somehow gets his tongue stuck in hot dog rollers and keeps working with his tongue stuck.
  • Remains to be Seen: He chooses a leaf blower over a chainsaw, or any of the other tools, to kill the zombies. (Debatable, because Lumpy successfully defeated Flippy with said leaf blower. The leaf blower caused not only the death of Zombie Fliqpy, but also attracted all the other zombies, and caused them to die and be buried, something which would not be possible with a mere chainsaw.)
  • From A to Zoo: He puts in a dart the wrong direction, causing it to go down his throat and tranquilizes himself (to be fair, he may have been panicked and had no time to realize this error). He also does not notice a rhino's horn obviously went through Toothy's head and mistakes a baboon for Sniffles.
  • Ski Patrol: He messes up and causes the deaths of numerous characters. (To be fair, this was mostly the narrator's fault for misinterpreting the instructions, and the fact that the narrator continues to praise him even after such mishaps).
  • Kringle Tree: He smashes Giggles' head trying to chop down a tree with an axe. (On a side note, Giggles was standing in the way.)
  • Kringle Feast: It takes him a long time just to start up a lighter. Then he kills himself (and others) from an explosion because he left the gas open too long while trying to light a lighter. (Debatable because to be fair, having a hard time starting a lighter is not by itself a sign of stupidity).
  • Ski Kringle: He skis over Sniffles and Toothy, killing them. (Debatable; he might have missed them because he plowed through their snowman, blinding his vision).
  • Strain Kringle: Lumpy throws a rock at Toothy and Cuddles, thinking it's a snowball and kills them in the process. (Debatable because Lumpy might have done this on purpose.)
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks: He designs a roller coaster so poorly that it causes the deaths of the riders and himself. He also nails a wooden board to his ride with Mime impaled to it.
  • Ipso Fatso: Lumpy moves his wheelchair directly in front of Disco Bear's running treadmill when he could've moved into the street or back into the diner. (though to be fair, he was already injured and most likely too scared to think quickly)
  • Doggone It: Even though he had Whistle and could have taken the dog back to his truck, he throws Whistle away out of anger for ripping off some of his skin. Even though he already figured out that whistling sets Whistle off, he whistles with his own mouth after he gets the whistle out of his throat, also giving away his hiding spot.
  • Don't Yank My Chain: He falls for Lifty & Shifty's bad disguises and arrests Handy and The Mole. He leaves the cell open with the keys near it. He takes several seconds to realize that Handy and The Mole have gotten away. He uses part of The Mole's sweater (a clue to finding them) to blow his nose.
  • Dunce Upon a Time: He almost chops off one of his fingers with a knife. He sticks a fork into a plugged-in toaster three times in order to get Flaky out.
  • Concrete Solution: He looks inside a nail gun and fires it. Then he uses a bag of sugar instead of cement to build a bridge. (Debatable because to be fair, who would expect a bag of sugar to be mixed with a bag of cement? The cement bag and the sugar bag looked almost exactly the same, and it may have been merely an honest mistake.)
  • Sea What I Found: Accidentally steps on the tube while pumping air to Russell. This one mistake results in the ship being destroyed and both of their deaths.
  • Wishy Washy: He walked in with his shoes dirty, then exited and came back in only to realize that there is a mat underneath him. When Petunia chokes on a glove, he puts his plunger on her mouth in order to help her. (Debatable because between the extreme issues with Petunia's pipes and her now choking, he was in a state of panic and tried to act very quickly on impulse.) Pulls his pipe out of a water heater, which results in an agonizing death for him.
  • Who's to Flame?: He plays with a lit match, which is ironic considering his fireman job (Debatable; he is playing in such a way that will not cause disasters. However, playing with fire at all is dangerous).
  • As You Wish: He sets Cub on fire and gets him run over by a fire truck (Debatable; it really depends on how Pop worded his wish - which seems to have been for a "hot ride" - as Lumpy was able to successfully grant Nutty, Disco Bear and Sniffles' wishes.)
  • Take a Hike: He uses up all of the drinking water for shaving instead of using the water that was in the lake. He does not pay enough attention to the group. He takes a nearly broken bridge over a strong one. (Debatable, as this was out of fear, so he was not paying attention or did not notice). He repeatedly douses Sniffles underwater when only one splash would've been enough to put the fire out. He attempts to save Nutty's remains despite the fact that he is definitely dead.
  • A Change of Heart: He repeatedly loses the normal-sized hearts due to lack of attention. He rides his bike in the middle of the road, which is illegal and dangerous. When Lumpy starts to suffer from a heart attack, he takes another bite out of his cheeseburger.
  • Blast from the Past: He repeats his act from Spin Fun Knowin' Ya.
  • See What Develops: Sends The Mole, who is blind, to take pictures for the newspaper.
  • Idol Curiosity: He mistakes ice in Toothy's drink for an iceberg. (However, he was looking through a telescope, and the image he saw gave a wrong impression.)
  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is: He folds the blueprints of Giggles' new house into an origami crane. (Debatable; he may have just done this selfishly, looking for a replacement for his broken one). Later, he connects electrical pipes to normal pipes for the shower, which electrocutes Petunia later.
  • Aw, Shucks!: He eats a moldy piece of bread. He unintentionally destroys his house while trying to kill a crow and mistakes Toothy's corpse for his scarecrow. (Debatable; he may have been perfectly aware that it was Toothy's body but did not care, thinking that his body would be a good scarecrow since his original scarecrow was gone.)
  • Letter Late than Never: Reads somebody's own mail. Eating a box of chocolates that doesn't belong to him. Blows his nose on the letter. Takes a sweater that was going to be Giggles' sweater. Briefly forgets that he’s being chased by a murderous Turtle when he stops to eat a sandwich that he pulled out of the mail. Sticks what he believed to be a package through Cuddles’ mail slot when it would’ve made more sense to just leave it at the front of the door and knock.
  • Wingin' It: He brings a sharp knife into an airport and openly uses it. He uses many electronics, despite Mime telling him not to. Later, he takes all five parachutes and then fails to properly wear even one of them.
  • Tongue in Cheek: He mistakes the skin from Sniffles' hand for a glove (even though he already has his glove and only one is required to play golf) and his organs as a mini-golf course.
  • I've Got You Under My Skin: He pokes the tip of the laser to Sniffles' invention causing him to be electrocuted. He tries to stop Sniffles from traveling further up his body but ends up severing his leg. (Debatable; this was a weird and unexpected result to a somewhat logical attempt.) He is also shown to have numerous strange items, including a plane propeller and a bear trap, inside his pockets (possibly for the numerous jobs that he has).
  • Junk in the Trunk: Places a stick of tape on the lid of his washer machine, thinking it would hold shut. He takes forever to compare the elephant in Lifty & Shifty's van and the one he put on his missing elephant poster. He also chooses a pogo stick over a race car to chase after the thieves. (Debatable, as the pogo stick offered more versatility. In addition, he was able to catch the van with the said pogo stick, and was able to use it to enter the van, something that would not be possible with the race car).
  • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: He does not realize that his can is on his butt and runs to get some new things. He later tries to use a trombone as a hearing aid, tries to phone the hospital while deaf, wears a birthday hat the wrong way (Debatable, as it was likely simply a difficult task to get it around his antlers), and tries to phone for help using a can telephone (Debatable as phone noises can be heard from the can).
  • Double Whammy Part I and Part II: He hypnotizes himself, making him act like a chicken. This is later seen in part II, where he is inside a chicken truck trying to lay eggs.
  • Seize the Day: He uses a defibrillator on Cuddles while he is having a seizure, resulting in his death.
  • Happy New Year: He crashes into Flaky and Russell, crushes Cuddles, and somehow gets film wrapped around his body. (To be fair, though, he was in a rush.)
  • Moppin Up: He forgets (or neglects) to put a Wet Floor sign up while mopping, causing Sniffles to break his head. (Debatable; he was currently in the process of mopping, so the sign shouldn't have been necessary, and considering that Sniffles did not notice Lumpy mopping, he certainly would not have noticed the sign).
  • Can't Stop Coffin: He buries what was originally an empty coffin, fills the hole with water, and leaves his truck in reverse, driving it into the grave and crushing Cuddles.
  • Just Desert: Wears winter attire in the desert. Goes to the desert with no food or water, which would still be a problem even if he did get to the snowy environment he expected.
  • All Flocked Up: Accidentally steps on one of the switches of the control panel and has his nose scraped off by the bark of the tree. He tries to pop his balloons with a rock, but accidentally throws it at Toothy, causing his face to land in hot tar (Debatable, as this may simply be bad aim).
  • Something Fishy: He mistakes the bowl for Russell's Piranha for a helmet and puts it over Russell's head.
  • I Nub You: He sews Handy and Petunia together, and ends up sewing his own arms on them. (Debatable, as he likely was just missing body parts and was really just trying to find a way to keep them both alive, that being the only option).
  • See You Later, Elevator: He tries to use an elevator during a fire, which is not safe. He tries CPR on the lower half of Cuddles' corpse and uses too much pressure, causing the corpse to explode.
  • Milk Pong: He chokes on a ball, later drinks bleach instead of milk, does not notice a rat in his cup (twice) (Debatable, as like with Giggles, who really looks into their drinks?), and tries to get a ball out of a wood chipper with his bare hands.
  • The Chokes on You: He eats donuts while working (Debatable; this could be considered more lazy or selfish). After he saves himself from choking, he eats the same donut without chewing and chokes again, resulting in his own death.
  • Brake the Cycle: He spills too much gasoline while pouring it into his motorbike, which causes him to burn to death.
  • All In Vein: He leaves Giggles in the fridge for too long, causing her blood to harden. (Debatable, because who has not done this with food items?). It's also shown that he made the same mistake with Lammy and Truffles. He later drinks too much blood, causing him to go overweight and preventing him from flying.
  • No Time Like the Present: He brings Handy a pair of mittens, ironic considering his lack of hands. (Debatable; he might not have even been the one to wrap or choose the gift, or it was a mix-up).
  • You're Kraken Me Up: Instead of rescuing Russell, he saves the squid tentacle with Giggles' head on it, thinking it was Giggles. He makes a similar mistake later on by feeding a bottle of milk to Cub's head attached to a tentacle.
  • All Work and No Play: He attempts to save Nutty by jackhammering the top of the wall, resulting in Nutty's torso getting completely mangled. He later saves Sniffles but is distracted by Lammy, resulting in Sniffles getting smashed to pieces by the excavator's buckets closing in on his head.
  • Pet Peeve: Feeds the birds birdseed despite this previously causing him to be mauled by them.
  • A Vicious Cycle: He eats chips out of Disco Bear's brain. (Debatable, as he seems to be completely aware of doing so.) While hiding from a possessed tricycle, he bites a chip, and the crunch noise blows his cover.
  • Dream Job: He messes with the television so much that Sniffles' dreams become erased and the TV turns off. (Debatable, as the device really looked like a TV, and there was no sign anywhere that would show otherwise, or that it was a dream machine). After the TV shuts down, he throws Sniffles' TV remote, which isn't his, on the ground and leaves the room without ever doing what he came to do in the first place, cleaning Sniffles' room. (Debatable, as Lumpy may have been simply lazy.)
  • Just Be Claus: Was originally going to bring Petunia a ring with a piece of coal on the head.


S3E20 BW Petunia

I'd expect this from Lumpy, but you?

Petunia commonly makes mistakes, mostly caused by her OCD. However, she appears to be very unintelligent, making mistakes comparable to Lumpy on many separate occasions.
  • Pitchin' Impossible: When The Mole's pitching goes wrong, she simply stares rather than moving out of the way.
  • Eyes Cold Lemonade: Stares at the sign falling instead of moving out of the way. (Debatable, as the sign falls too quickly for her to move.) Though after what happened to Giggles, the 2 of them should have agreed to simply stop using the lemonade stand.
  • Wishy Washy: She washes her hands without using soap and only puts her hands in the sink for a few seconds, all after she's taken a shower. She keeps a mat that guests are supposed to wipe their feet on in the inside of her house instead of outside. She also downs a whole bottle of mouthwash, an act that could have killed her. She later attempts to breathe in a glove and chokes herself. After getting increasingly dirty trying to get clean, Petunia resorts to skinning herself alive using a potato peeler. (Debatable, as she lost her stability from seeing Lumpy's corpse and because of her severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).)
  • Who's to Flame?: She leans on a burning stove while talking on the phone, resulting in her tail burning. (Debatable, as she was not paying attention, though this could be considered stupid in itself.) Despite being the owner of the house, Petunia runs around while burning instead of using a bathtub or a sink to put the fire out.
  • Take a Hike: She drinks contaminated water when she could have run back to the lake. (To be fair, she was dehydrated and the lake could've been at a too far distance at that point.)
  • A Hole Lotta Love: She does not pay attention while driving and nearly runs over Mime.
  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is: She trusts Lumpy with pipes.
  • Peas in a Pod: She takes a very long amount of time to figure out that she had lost an arm. Later, she just stands there screaming rather than attempting to run away (She was in a panic).
  • False Alarm: She rides her bike in the middle of the road, which is both illegal and unsafe, leading to her death.
  • Something Fishy: Considering how concerned she is with being clean and hygienic, she should have chosen a stall that actually had toilet tissue. This is even worse when it is shown that even when she sees blood coming from the other stall, indicating that she might be in danger, she will not leave a toilet if she cannot wipe.
  • I Nub You: She and Handy use their bodies as bowling balls, resulting in them being crushed by pinsetters.
  • Royal Flush: She tries to suck an entire pickle through a vacuum and acts shocked/confused when it gets clogged.
  • Breaking Wind: Probably her most well-known blunder, she strikes a match in the middle of a gas cloud induced by Splendid. As a result, the earth is set aflame and kills presumably billions. (To be fair, she didn't know it was Splendid.)
  • My Better Half: Judging by the angle she is in, she could have warned Handy to jump out of the boat before he died. Instead of jumping out of the boat, Petunia just screams and lets herself get sliced in half.
  • You're Kraken Me Up: Sits right underneath Lumpy's lifeguard chair.
  • Camp Pokeneyeout: She pulls a slingshot with grape juice covering her hand, making it too slippery and killing her.


Yank 9

What made him think this was a good idea?

Handy does not make as many mistakes as others. In fact, he is one of the most intelligent characters, though even he has his moments.

  • Shard at Work: He fails to notice where he is walking, resulting in him stepping on a glass shard.
  • Don't Yank My Chain: He trusts The Mole to use a mallet to hit a chisel Handy is holding between his teeth. He could also have looked for someone working at the sawmill to remove his chains. Instead, he attempts to cut off the chains using a train. (Debatable, as he may have looked offscreen and found no one and, in real life, a train would have broken the chain instead of dragging it.)
  • Who's to Flame?: He drops what he thinks is water on the sidewalk, killing three characters in the process, instead of doing it over a burning house.
  • A Hole Lotta Love: After realizing that he cannot twist the wheel to turn the gas off, he lets himself succumb to the gas instead of simply holding his breath or running away before it was too late.
  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is: He may have invited Lumpy to build Giggles' home. (Debatable, as Lumpy was not involved in the discussion on what to do, so he may have been there by chance.)
  • I Nub You: He and Petunia use their bodies as bowling balls, which is unsafe, resulting in them being crushed by pinsetters.
  • Pet Peeve: He walks in the middle of the street with his eyes closed, which results in him getting stuck in a hole left by the blob. (Even if he did not fall in the hole left by the blob's slime, he would likely have ended up dying the same way he did later in the episode.)


Wipe 13

Nutty, that's not ice cream!

Nutty has done many things that endanger his and others' lives, mostly because of his candy addiction and the fact that he always acts before he thinks, suggesting that Nutty's intelligence is quite low.

  • Nuttin' Wrong with Candy: Nutty eats his own candy which is supposed to be his clothes, and he later starts to shake the vending machine which only ends up falling on him.
  • Class Act: Nutty bites a chunk off Sniffles' body, who was dressed in a candy cane costume, causing the play to spiral out of control.
  • Icy You: He decides to drink out of the slushie machine, then when his lips freeze he keeps pulling instead of finding a way to thaw the ice, thus leading him to pull his whole mouth out.
  • Stealing the Spotlight: Seeing a string of Christmas lights as candy, Nutty swallows them and gets disemboweled by Lumpy as a result.
  • Concrete Solution: Hanging onto the edge of a bridge for dear life, Nutty begins eating it after realizing it is made of sugar. It comes to the point where he bites off the one last bit of the bridge holding two halves together, leading him to be violently ripped in two.
  • Chew Said a Mouthful: He fractures his jaw trying to bite a jawbreaker, bites off his tongue, cuts his braces loose, puts a jawbreaker in a blender, and causes several deaths (including his own) in an attempt to get the confection back. After losing his jaw to a car magnet, instead of jumping off the car he's standing on, he instead runs in circles and screams.
  • Wipe Out!: After dropping his ice cream into a tidal pool, he mistakenly puts a sea urchin into his cone and bites into it. He also tries to reach for the ice cream instead of getting out of the water and drowns as a result.
  • Aw, Shucks!: He, along with Sniffles and Mime, don't try to take cover despite seeing the giant corn shoot popcorn all over the carnival and stand perfectly still when a piece flies at them. He was even eating his own caramel apple in the competition he's in, resulting in him losing.
  • Double Whammy Part I: When Fliqpy was squirting water in Nutty's mouth, he could have just closed his mouth to avoid his death.
  • A Sucker for Love Part 1: Upon bashing a gumball machine open, Nutty places a handful of gumballs into his mouth, along with shards of glass. He gets his teeth and gums cut, followed by his face when he blows a gum bubble.
  • A Sucker for Love Part 2: When he sees the ambulance driving towards him, he tries to run directly away from it instead of simply running off the street.
  • Swelter Skelter: When he found out what Lifty and Shifty wants to do with him, he walks backwards, causing him to lose his balance and have his head cracked open.
  • Random Acts of Silence: Despite there not being an emergency, he and Sniffles try to sneak out the fire exit. Furthermore, when the alarm goes off they do not even exit, but instead stand there and stare. Later, when Sniffles is killed, he just panics rather than running off.
  • Bite Sized: Nutty tries to bite on a jawbreaker again, resulting in him getting his jaw injured again.
  • All Work and No Play: Nutty, along with Lammy and Sniffles, decide to play on a playground that is clearly still under demolition. In particular, Nutty rides on a swing-set located dangerously close to a bunch of large nails, causing him to get impaled on them.
  • Camp Pokeneyeout: After eating his first eye, he liked it so much that he deliberately pulled his other eye out to eat it.
  • Going Out With a Bang: Nutty fails to realize that the box he's eating from is filled with fireworks, which results in a bad stomach.



You're still trying to catch those ants after what they did to your hand?

Despite being considered one of the most intelligent characters in the series by most, Sniffles has made many illogical mistakes thanks to his lack of common sense. Some derive from his complicated inventions, which are plagued with oversights Sniffles does not notice until it is too late. To be fair, many of his mistakes double as stupidity AND intelligence.

  • Spare Me: He attempts to toss a bowling ball using his snout, leading to his head being torn off.
  • Tongue Twister Trouble: He uses his tongue to catch an ant on ice; it would have stuck to the ice even if the ant had not moved.
  • Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark: He builds a rocket to get off the island when a ship would have made more sense. He also designs said rocket so strong it can go all the way to the sun and cannot be diverted from this course.
  • Suck It Up: He gives his invention a flexible nozzle, which can get stuck to the side of his head with the other side still attached to his face. He also does not try to remove it from his face at any point during the torture session.
  • His Smoochie: Since he created the growth serum, he should have known its effects and not have drank it. Rather, he should have poured it on his body if he wanted to grow himself, though it is possible that would have still killed him by having his skin grow while his insides stay at their regular size.
  • Party Animal: He bobbed for an apple with his mouth and spat the same apple back in the barrel. Also, he does run away after Toothy is killed, but it is unknown what he was doing during Cuddles, Nutty, and Mime's deaths. He had plenty of time to leave the house. He uses a barrel filled with water as a hiding spot, almost causing him to drown, instead of simply running out of the house.
  • Every Litter Bit Hurts: He just watches as The Mole stabs his foot with a litter pick, not making any attempt to move his foot. (To be fair, Mole stabbed it quite quickly.)
  • Take a Hike: He runs around randomly while on fire instead of stopping, dropping, and rolling on the ground or heading for the lake.
  • A Hole Lotta Love: He lets The Mole make and lead with the map. He designs a lookout post that is not shatter-proof, causing Mole's head to burst. He uses a wrench on a screw instead of a screwdriver.
  • Dunce Upon a Time: Though this doesn't kill him, Sniffles, Cuddles, and Flaky run dangerously close to Giant Lumpy for no reason after Mime's death. He visibly and audibly moves in his hiding spot, giving his location away to Giant Lumpy.
  • Blast from the Past: After dropping a glass of milk, Sniffles decides to build a time machine rather than cleaning up the mess and replacing the glass of milk. In doing so, he creates various time anomalies. After catching Cuddles in a plane, he turns all the way around to check on Cuddles while still flying the plane. He also should not have landed the plane in the park.
  • Concrete Solution: Carrying Nutty in an ambulance, Sniffles forgets to strap down his patient's gurney. He finally attempts to do so while still driving his vehicle, causing a crash as well as his death.
  • Mime to Five: He goes in water too deep for him to touch the bottom.
  • Idol Curiosity: He keeps carrying the idol with him despite seeing all the disaster it is causing. Later, he tries to stop an earthquake by barricading the door and throwing stuff in it.
  • Aw, Shucks!: He, along with Nutty and Mime, don't try to take cover despite seeing the giant corn shoot popcorn all over the carnival and stand perfectly still when a piece flies at them.
  • In a Jam: He shoves cymbals in Handy's mouth when he was having a seizure, leading to his death. (Debatable, because Sniffles placed the cymbals in Handy's mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue off). With his medical experience, Sniffles should have known that he was supposed to take away Handy's hammer and screwdriver so he does not get hurt from them, turn off the strobe lights, and wait it out.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: When he sees something coming his way but cannot tell what it is, he stands in the way and tries to figure out what it is instead of moving out of the way.
  • Wingin' It: Similar to Blast From the Past, being the only pilot operating a plane, it is rather unwise of him to encounter Lumpy personally. He could have simply spoken to Lumpy via the speaker.
  • Tongue in Cheek: Even after being painfully tortured once in the episode, Sniffles' determination to eat the Ants consumes him, and he tries to use a mind-control helmet and robot to do the job. The Ants once again get the upper hand and kill him in a gruesome, agonizing way. This happens in other episodes, but the show's lack of continuity is not here to justify it.
    • And it is dumb of him to make the machine so easily changeable which lead to the ants controlling him and killing him.
  • I've Got You Under My Skin: He faces away from the door for no real reason while waiting for Giggles to answer, so if she was inside, she would have just been staring at his back. Despite staring right at her (unlike Lumpy, who was understandably focused on the door), he takes a long while to realize he's looking at Giggles buried in the snow. Considering his intelligence, Sniffles could have helped Giggles by taking her to a hospital. Instead, he uses a shrinking submarine that comes with a timer indicating how long he will stay microscopic (which he could have turned back to keep himself that size until the job was done, which he never does). He flew right through Lumpy's optic nerve instead of around it. Also, when he climbs out of the machine, he steps on the timer, shrinking it on himself. Lastly, he crawls to a first aid kit for help, despite how incredibly severe his injury was.
  • Wrath of Con: He doesn't try to sneak past the blind security guard (Debatable; he could have not snuck past the guard out of respect for the blind). He keeps his ticket in his pocket when it is supposed to be around his neck and forgets it is there. He asks Splendid for an autograph while Splendid was busy holding up a chunk of debris. To be fair, this could also count as part of Splendid's accord.
  • False Alarm: He either gives or lets Nutty take a chainsaw into his padded cell (Debatable; he may not have done that and/or it could have been for psychological examination).
  • Peas in a Pod: He blatantly walks right into a Pod Lumpy and, as the Blurb points out, he would have walked into the wall if the Pod Lumpy was not there.
  • Something Fishy: He puts his hamster right next to Russell's piranha (Debatable). He also does not even notice the fishbowl on Russell's head instead of the helmet.
  • See You Later, Elevator: Instead of waiting for Lumpy the firefighter to come, he walks out of the elevator, not noticing that the elevator behind him slices him vertically in half.
  • Random Acts of Silence: Despite there not being an emergency, he and Nutty try to sneak out the fire exit. Furthermore, when the alarm goes off they do not even exit, but instead stand there and stare.
  • All Work and No Play: Sniffles, along with Lammy and Nutty, decide to play on a playground that is clearly under demolition. In particular, Sniffles goes down a slide despite it having holes in it, causing his body to be grated like cheese and slide right into wet cement.
  • Buns of Steal: He rides his bike in the middle of the road, which is both unsafe and illegal, leading to his death.
  • Pet Peeve: He brings the Blob out in public and lets it hump Lumpy's leg, despite knowing the danger. Then he walks the blob in the middle of the street. Finally, similar to Concrete Solution, Sniffles does something without stopping the car first. In this case, checking on his pet after it makes a hole through the floor. This sends the vehicle into a sidewalk where his head is sliced off.
  • Dream Job: He designs his dream machine in a way that makes it possible for someone else (case in point, Lumpy) to change his dreams by simply flipping through channels with a TV remote.
  • Moppin Up: With a big puddle visible on the floor (and Lumpy in the process of mopping it), Sniffles should have watched where he was going or walked more carefully.



Pop doesn't see anything strange about this.

Almost earning a reputation similar to that of Lumpy, Pop's stupidity derives from his incompetent parenting, usually the cause of most of Cub's deaths and injuries, and sometimes his own.

  • Havin' A Ball: He crosses a road full of speeding vehicles to get Cub's ball back. After managing to retrieve it, he doesn't look where he's going, falls down a cliff and gets cut to pieces by the rotor blades of a helicopter. It is unknown why Pop chose to walk forward when getting back to Cub would require him to turn around.
  • Chip Off the Ol' Block: He runs his lawnmower over various debris, resulting in Cub getting pierced and eventually killed by the sharp objects when they get shot out of the ejection port. He is unaware of Cub's death and sets the pile of leaves where Cub's remains fell into on fire.
  • Snip Snip Hooray!: He accidentally cuts off one of Cub's ears with scissors. Then he leaves Cub unattended with an electric shaver, paying no attention as Cub puts the item in his mouth as he activates it. He is oblivious to Cub's following death (Debatable as he didn't know Cub had it in his mouth, but either way, he should've been paying attention).
  • Water Way to Go: He buries Cub in sand from the neck down and leaves him to get ice cream. Cub then gets submerged in high tide and Pop believes his son has been washed out to sea. He brings a boat on the water, running over Cub's head and ultimately shredding him to death with the motor.
  • Stealing the Spotlight: He shoves Cub's tooth through his upper lip instead of back into his gums (Debatable, because the tooth wouldn't stay in his gums, cruel nonetheless). Later, as a bucket of nails falls on Cub's head (due to him not paying attention that it was sliding off the roof), he pulls the nails out of Cub's head with the claw of his hammer, but when one won't come out, he decides to push it in deeper, despite Cub's cries of pain.
  • From Hero to Eternity: He lets Cub play with a bottle of either liquid detergent or bleach.
  • And the Kitchen Sink: He watches Cub scream in the garbage disposal for a whole nine seconds before turning it off, resulting in Cub getting stuck in the drain and his bottom half being completely removed. He accidentally sends Cub rolling down a hill in a wagon, goes through a garden of cacti instead of around it, leaves Cub unattended in the sink until his fur is burned off, breaks one of Cub's bones, almost kills him again by using his car, and drowns him by once again leaving him unattended.
  • Concrete Solution: Pop can be seen driving through the damage of the destroyed bridge, but he completely fails to look at all the damage and destruction around him. He is also oblivious that Cub was crushed by Nutty's concrete stomach, and mistakes the stomach for Cub because it wore Cub's beanie.
  • Easy For You to Sleigh: He disables the fire alarm instead of simply resetting it, leading to his and Cub's death due to carbon monoxide poisoning when the smoke from the chimney fills up the room.
  • Who's to Flame?: Even if he is fully aware of Sniffles' death and the falling ladder, he ignores the destruction and moves Cub aside to prevent being decapitated by the ladder, in which he failed. He has plenty of time to run away so that he could save both of their lives before anything bad could happen (since the falling ladder could have possibly killed him instead if he just stood there).
  • Every Litter Bit Hurts: He, for whatever reason, lets Cub sit on a rock in the middle of the water. He fails to notice Cub choking on litter and mistakes his remains for trash.
  • Mime to Five: When Mime turns up the audio feedback, making Pop and Cub's ears bleed, Pop never considers driving away (Debatable as he did attempt to close the window but didn't know that it wouldn't work, he was in serious pain before he could drive away or do anything else).
  • Read 'em and Weep: Kills Cub after he is turned back to his normal self after The Demon that possessed him was removed by Lumpy (Debatable as he didn't see Lumpy remove it).
  • See You Later, Elevator: Pop tosses a lit match out a window, which gets blown into the lower floor and creates a fire.
  • Clause For Concern: Pop tries to put the presents in the boot of the car and repeatedly smashes them with the trunk door instead of simply pushing them further and then closing the door. He eventually drives with the presents mostly sticking out. He accidentally places a string of sausages in his bag of presents. He also crushes Cub by closing his front door on him. (Debatable: He had no way of knowing Cub was on the other side).
  • Bottled Up Inside: Stops in the middle of a crosswalk to pick up a coin, allowing Cub and much of the stroller to be hit by Russell's car, to which he remains completely oblivious. He is also oblivious that his water container has Russell's corpse in it, and fills a cup with his blood.
  • Cubtron Z: Encourages Cubtron (who is much bigger than him) to sit on his lap.
  • Going Out With a Bang: When Pop notices that Cub got impaled by a firework and it started to circle around him, Pop doesn't let go of his baby leash allowing himself to get crushed to death (Debatable, as he could have been shocked over the death of his son, and also had no time to react at all).
  • A Handy Nanny: Hires Handy to babysit Cub instead of another person with hands. He places Cub down on a counter and leaves him there by himself while he answers the door. Later in the episode, for some reason, he doesn't notice the blood splattered on Cub's face or any of the gore splattered around the floor when he opens his eyes.
  • Chore Loser: He plays with a portable game system and remains completely oblivious that Cub is getting torn to pieces by a dog outside, even when the dog comes in carrying one of Cub's limbs in his mouth.
  • Pop & Corn: He fails to notice that his son is choking on a large quantity of popcorn, he even shushes him after he died of asphyxiation (Debatable, as he was focused on the movie, but nevertheless, he should have been more attentive).



That thing is not for eating, Cub!

Even though he is just a baby, Cub have done some stupid things that either gets himself killed or could have.

  • Treasure Those Idol Moments: He should have moved out of the way before the giant boulder killed him. (Debatable, he probably didn't think quickly as the boulder was quickly rolling down).
  • Rink Hijinks: He should be aware that Lumpy was in the machine, but he killed Lumpy and fail to realize that he removed Lumpy's heart.
  • Snip Snip Hooray!: He sucks on the shaver which later got himself killed.
  • Stealing the Spotlight: He is holding a hammer which isn't safe for somebody in his age. He also doesn't know that Pop placed back his tooth in the wrong place.
  • Kringle Presents: As he is watching his toy train, he is drooling, causing the drool to touch the electric track and electrocute him.
  • Pop & Corn: He is attempting to swallow alot of popcorn in his mouth at once, causing him to choke to death.
  • From Hero to Eternity: He is playing with a bottle that seems to be bleach which is dangerous. He is later hiding inside a basket, leading to his own death.
  • And the Kitchen Sink: He didn't call for his dad when the water was rising in the bathtub, causing him to drown.
  • Don't Yank My Chain: He laughs at Handy when he is being hurt without noticing how horrible it must have been for him.
  • Doggone It: He wants to keep a vicious looking dog insidea cage which isn't looking like a safe dog to keep.
  • Who's to Flame?: He doesn't get scared or shocked when Sniffles died. (Debatable, he might not have noticed or even looked at Sniffles).
  • As You Wish: After being set on fire, he runs out in the road, causing him to get hit by a firetruck. (Debatable, as he was on fire, he was in great pain and probably couldn't think of something else).
  • A Hole Lotta Love: He was going near a well, which was dangerous as he almost fell down it. He should also have told Pop that he would like some ice cream rather then leaving his hat on the ground and going away, causing Pop to think that he did fell down the well. He should have later moved out of the way to not get run over by the machine.
  • Letter Late than Never: He decides to hide inside a box, causing him to be away from his home and also accidentally killed by Lumpy later.
  • Wingin' It: When the escape door in the plane was open, he seems happy despite probably dying when he is falling down from the plane.
  • You're Kraken Me Up: He shows no sign of shock or fear when Petunia's severed head is right next to him. (Debatable, he might have thought that Petunia was buried in the sand just like Pop).
  • A Vicious Cycle: He shows no sign of fear when he is facing Fliqpy right in front of him, rides his tricycle inside the house, doesn't seem to be shocked when Disco Bear died, and doesn't wonder where his father is, still riding his tricycle inside the house.
  • A Handy Nanny: He leaps off the counter, causing him to get a bruise on his forehead and then laughs when Handy gets a pacifier in his eye.
  • Cubtron Z: After his bottle of milk slips from his hands, he goes to get it back by himself right in the road. As Cubtron, he used Cuddles, Giggles, and Petunia as crayons to write on a skyscraper. He also later seems to forget that Pop is smaller then him, crushing him in the ending of the episode.


Flaky pops the raft

This is what happens when you forget that you are in a rubber boat.

In contrast to the blissful ignorance of most characters, Flaky is known for being very cautious about her surroundings due to her cowardice; thus she can be considered as one of the wiser characters. But even she has made mistakes.

  • Water You Wading For: She tries to save Cuddles with a stick that does not reach even remotely close enough to him. Later, she throws a lifesaver to his remains. (Debatable as she was aware that it was a no swimming zone)
  • This Is Your Knife: She witnesses Fliqpy killing Cuddles and Giggles and doesn't try to flee. She also zips herself in her sleeping bag when Fliqpy notices her.
  • Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark: She forgets that she is in an inflatable life raft, and leans back and pops it.
  • Let It Slide: Considering her fear of water, it is odd for her to even go to a water park in the first place. (Debatable as Cuddles likely could have dragged her there)
  • And the Kitchen Sink: She doesn't question what the very visible rope behind Pop's car is connected to.
  • Party Animal: She uses a blender without putting a lid on the top. She stands on the top part of a ladder where it warns you not to and does so with no one stabilizing it, both of which are extremely dangerous. She even ate a peanut even if she is allergic to them, causing her to suffer an allergic reaction. (Debatable as she might have not known her peanut allergy until now)
  • Dunce Upon a Time: Though this doesn't kill her, Flaky, Cuddles, and Sniffles run dangerously close to Giant Lumpy for no reason after Mime's death. She chooses a toaster as her hiding spot, setting the likelihood to be either intentionally or accidentally burned to death. She also visibly and audibly moves in this hiding spot, giving away her location to Giant Lumpy.
  • Mime to Five: Despite Flaky knowing that she's in a spot where she could easily fall and doesn't have that much walking space, she decides to walk around blindly when Cuddles' blood gets in her face, instead of staying perfectly still and wiping off the blood.
  • A Change of Heart: She plays goalie during a soccer game, despite her being afraid of objects flying towards her. (Debatable, as she may have wanted to play soccer but all of the other spots on the team were taken. But then again she appeared to be afraid of the ball.)
  • Wipe Out!: As in Let It Slide, it is hard to imagine why she entered the surfing contest in the first place. Perhaps she wanted to try being brave. Also, she failed to notice that her surfboard was covered in blood or the blood where Handy died.
  • Wingin' It: Despite the fact that she did not want to board the plane, she does so anyway without her luggage, making her flight completely pointless. Lumpy did push Flaky into the airport, but she could have left when he stopped to drink a soda.
  • Without a Hitch: She lets her hallucinations distract her from driving, causing her to crash into a pole, also when Flaky is attempting to loosen the lug nuts on the car's wheel, she is instead tightening them by trying to turn them clockwise (righty tighty, lefty loosey.).
  • The Chokes on You: She somehow does not notice that the "donut" she had got was Lumpy's flesh.
  • A Bit of a Pickle: She neglects to drive around the tree blocking the road.
  • Royal Flush: She tries to force a pickle down the toilet with a plunger instead of taking it out when it was clearly too big to go down the pipes even if it was a normal pickle. She also eats it without chewing at all.
  • Going Out With a Bang: For whatever reason, Flaky simply stands in the middle of the street with her eyes closed. She also makes no effort to move out of the way when the manhole cover was launched in the air.

The Mole

Part 8

Hmm, does it even count as cheating?

Some may consider The Mole's actions acceptable since he is blind. However, there are times this rule would not apply.

  • Various Episodes: He does many stuff that needs sight even if he is blind. Such as reading, driving, etc.
  • Spare Me: He does not wonder what is blocking the holes in his "bowling ball", instead roughly jamming his fingers right through Sniffles' glasses.
  • Party Animal: Throughout the second half of the episode, he can be seen wearing a blindfold despite already lacking eyesight. He is even seen "cheating" by covering only one of his eyes.
  • Who's to Flame?: Fire hydrates do not just flip open like the valve for a gas tank, so he should have questioned that.
  • Wipe Out!: He shreds Lumpy to death and carves his body into a surfboard. While unable to see, the Mole should have at least heard Lumpy's screams of pain considering the earphones he has on don’t even cover his ears.
  • Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II): When he cut his foot on the broken glass on the floor, he questions it briefly but just moves on instead of picking up what he cut himself on. (Debatable)

Disco Bear

Sin título (5)

Yes, Disco Bear. All girls have bloody heads and puffy "hair" like yours.

Disco Bear's intelligence is likely not very high. An early gag consisted of him accidentally killing girls and thinking their suffering was a type of dance move.

  • Stayin' Alive: Disco Bear tosses Giggles into scalding hot tea and Petunia into an electric fence, and obliviously dances to their movements of pain.
  • Who's to Flame?: He drives off in a fire engine with Cuddles still up on the lift. He also activates the fire hose despite the fact that where he was looking, he should have seen that it was attached to the gas tank instead of the fire hydrant. He also doesn’t turn the hose off, resulting in many more houses catching fire.
  • Aw, Shucks!: He is completely unaware that Giggles has been hit by a chunk of popcorn, and believes that the popcorn that hit her is an afro. He then proceeds to kiss her before being killed himself.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: He sticks his head inside a cotton candy machine. He leaves the back of a van open, which causes bottles of hair growth formula to fall out. He sticks his entire head in the formula instead of just pouring it on top. Finally, he cuts off his eyes with a straight razor.
  • YouTube 101: Subscriptions: Disco Bear attempts to make it look like he's on a date with Giggles, yet he uploads his video with the Giggles cardboard falling over.
  • Put Your Back Into It: After his spine bursts out of his body, Disco Bear tries to fix it using duct tape, as opposed to calling for an ambulance.


S4E1 Russell and tentacle

Don't you see the tentacle?

Russell's intelligence does not seem to be that high. In fact, it could be comparable to Lumpy's at times. However, some of these may be justified due to Russell's vision problems (as seen in A Sight for Sore Eyes).

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?: He swallows a live puffer fish and it inflates in his throat (to be fair, he was not looking). Despite choking and having his arms removed, all Russell can think about is catching the fish that is caught on his lure.
  • Snow Place to Go: He tries to ice fish throwing the line from a distance like regular fishing instead of dropping the line right down the hole.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: He makes no attempt to run or close his eye, letting Lumpy touch it with a contaminated glove.
  • Mime to Five: He presumably hires Mime to work the drive thru even though he doesn't talk (though it is possible that he was unaware of him being mute).
  • In a Jam: He strums an electric guitar while a glass of water lays on top of an audio box. Knocking over the glass, Russell ends up being electrocuted to death.
  • Something Fishy: He does not realize that Lumpy put the fish's bowl over his head until it is too late when he should have at the very least realized that his head was underwater.
  • Bottled Up Inside: This is probably the most infamous example of Russell's stupidity. After getting impaled in the chest, Russell does not call an ambulance, he tries to enter his car with his back facing the wheel, leading to him pointlessly pushing the bottle deeper into his chest, he does not lean back or try adjusting his seat when the bottle gets stuck in the wheel, he continues to pointlessly drive forward, and he does not stop his car before passing the hospital, killing Cub and eventually getting himself killed.
  • You're Kraken Me Up: He is completely oblivious that Giggles' head was torn off and placed on a giant squid's tentacle.
  • Put Your Back Into It: He rips out Disco Bear's spine and head, thinks he has caught a fish, and cooks the remains for a dinner date. It also makes very little sense why he was casting his fishing rod at the beach instead of towards the ocean.
  • YouTube Copyright School: He didn't care what kind of dangerous stunts to do, while creating his video. (Debatable as he might have done it out of his original idea to gain viewers. But otherwise, he didn't think of what kind of risks he might face from doing all of those stunts.)



They don't even wear shoes...

Despite being considered by most as pretty much the same character, Lifty seems to have more of the brains of the raccoon duo. However, he still makes stupid mistakes. While Shifty has done a lot of stupid acts on his own, Lifty's stupid acts are mostly done along with Shifty rather than by himself.

  • Wheelin' and Dealin': He does not notice until the race is about to start that their cart does not have wheels or that it does not have a steering wheel until one is needed, despite having presumably made the cart with Shifty.
  • Meat Me for Lunch: He and Shifty keep a shoe in their fridge.
  • And the Kitchen Sink: He, along with Shifty, notices Pop's car coming in their direction but makes no effort in moving out of the way.
  • Easy For You to Sleigh: He and Shifty try to rob Flippy, despite seeming to know about his mental problems by their uncharacteristic paranoia at first, and their instinct to tie him up. He also blindly trusts the directions out the window without looking for himself which, even if it actually was Shifty giving them, was a bad move.
  • Doggone It: He tries to tug a dollar bill from Shifty's hand instead of letting him focus on driving.
  • Don't Yank My Chain: He and Shifty steal a car that was about to be filled up with gas and expect to get far with it (Though to be fair, the car doesn’t run out of gas until the end of the episode). They also stay in the car when it is on train tracks even when the boom gates go down.
  • Sea What I Found: He hangs on to his dead brother instead of reaching for the surface, even when he proves incapable of carrying Shifty back with him, ultimately drowning as a result.
  • As You Wish: He drives their van forward from the rolling disco ball when he could've just driven into the grass.
  • Junk in the Trunk: He holds a mouse in front of Lumpy's Elephant, even though elephants are afraid of mice.



"Almost forgot my sand."

Shifty, unlike his brother, seems to have a very low intelligence level and causes more mistakes than Lifty.

  • Wheelin' and Dealin': He builds a race car without wheels or a steering wheel, and when Lifty asked him where the wheels are he responds with "Huh?", seeming like he did not know that cars need wheels or he forgot them.
  • Meat Me for Lunch: He and Lifty keep a shoe in the fridge.
  • Milkin' It: He jumps up and down in a hot air balloon, causing him to fall through it.
  • And the Kitchen Sink: He, along with Lifty, notices Pop's car coming in his direction but makes no effort in moving out of the way.
  • Easy For You to Sleigh: He and Lifty try to rob Flippy, despite seeming to know about his mental problems by their uncharacteristic paranoia at first, and their instinct to tie him up. Also, he alone goes back to retrieve the bag of sand that was there to stop the bear trap from cutting his arm off.
  • As You Wish: He throws a lamp into the back of his and Lifty's van and leaves the back doors wide open, causing the lamp to roll out of the van.
  • Doggone It: He focuses on a tug of war with Lifty over a dollar bill instead of driving.
  • Don't Yank My Chain: He and Lifty steal a car that was about to be filled up with gas and expect to get far with it (Though to be fair, the car doesn’t run out of gas until the end of the episode). They also stay in the car when it is on train tracks even when the boom gates go down.
  • Swelter Skelter: He tries to return the fire on his hands to the blowtorch, blowing it up.
  • Buns of Steal: He rivets Lifty's foot to their van, presumably in an attempt to save him, when it would have been better for Lifty to jump into Mole's van. Instead of staying in his van, he walks on Lifty's vein to kick Lifty's head off and reach The Mole’s van. He also does not go somewhere else to eat the bun.



Mimes aren't good at saving people.

Mime has caused quite a few of these, with at least one popular case. From the information provided on Mime, he may be unintelligent, but in the minority.

  • Mime and Mime Again: He could have simply turned the fan off before Toothy got sliced apart and died.
  • Easy For You to Sleigh: He somehow does not notice Lifty and Shifty are watching him, despite the fact that they are not even hiding.
  • Who's to Flame?: Assuming he can talk, he should do so on the phone instead of mimicking. If he cannot, he should not use the phone in the first place.
  • As You Wish: Mime never rides his unicycle out of the way of the moving rocket ship, he instead rides directly in front of it.
  • Dunce Upon a Time: He stays in the broken jar even when about to be stepped on.
  • A Hole Lotta Love: While Petunia is at fault for not paying attention, Mime could've easily moved his unicycle out of the way of her car. Riding his unicycle away from the falling chunk of Cuddles' house instead of riding sideways, he was fortunate enough that the window that fell on him was open.
  • Mime to Five: He takes a job at a drive-thru window even though he can only mimic talking. His mime instincts once again get in the way when he mimics trying to save an imaginary person drowning, letting Sniffles drown.
  • Aw, Shucks!: He, along with Nutty and Sniffles, don't try to take cover despite seeing the giant corn shoot popcorn all over the carnival and stand perfectly still when a piece flies at them.
  • Wingin' It: He places the food cart in front of the bathroom door without knowing if someone was inside. He should also have been able to see or hear Petunia going in.
  • Something Fishy: He does not even notice the fishbowl is on Russell's head instead of the helmet.
  • Random Acts of Silence: He doesn't close his eyes when Fliqpy was going after them with a piece of paper.
  • His Smoochie: He doesn't tie his shoelaces first right before jumping the hurdle, thus leading the top of his head to be sliced.



That's not a carcass!

Due to his body being encased in ice, Cro-Marmot has made almost no actions, dumb or otherwise. It could be argued that he is intelligent, as he is capable of moving and surfing, among other talents, despite the fact that he is currently frozen.

  • Snow What? That's What!: He throws a snowball at Giggles' corpse.
  • Dino-Sore Days: He bites into the tail of a live dinosaur, thinking it was part of the carcass he was about to dine on.
  • Chill Kringle: He is shown to be attracted to Petunia despite the fact that she is clearly dead.
  • By the Seat of Your Pants: He enters a swimming competition despite the fact that he freezes water on contact. (Debatable, as this might have been his plan, and he may have had control over the water, thus the reason why it spread so quickly in Wipe Out!.)


STV1E13.2 Flippy and Handy

How could you not notice?

Similar to Handy, both sides of Flippy are less prone to make stupid mistakes, possibly because of his age and experience in the military. However, he does have a few idiotic moments.

  • Remains to be Seen: Fliqpy accidentally kills himself in a truck crash.
  • Party Animal: Flippy drinks Mime's liquefied remains, even though it is the color of blood and he used one of Mime's antlers to stir it. Also, despite the amount of carnage in the room, Flippy does not even seem to notice (or care about) the gore around him.
  • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Fliqpy rings on Lumpy's doorbell and waits for the moose to answer, taking so long that he leaves. He could have just burst in through the door and killed Lumpy anyway. He does not make any attempt to move out of the way of the swinging log, which would have hit him even if it had hit Lumpy first.
  • Double Whammy Part I: Flippy gives Handy a foam finger, not noticing his obvious disability. Later on, he takes a lot of anxiety pills, which could've resulted in a fatal overdose.
  • Operation: Tiger Bomb:
    • Flippy mistakenly throws a pizza slice instead of a knife at the Tiger General, exposing himself.
    • After inadvertently throwing a knife at Sneaky, Flippy decides to pull the knife out of his stomach, rather than medically treat the wound.
  • By The Seat Of Your Pants: He goes out to watch the swimming race, despite hearing the gunshot on TV and thus knowing it was going to happen.


S1E3 Gigglesbeheaded

Super failure!

In a manner similar to Pop and Lumpy, Splendid frequently screws up his superhero duty, often making things much worse. This is due to putting his own needs first or simply out of dumb decisions. Because he usually makes stupid mistakes in almost every episode (something not even Pop or Lumpy could say), he may be the most unintelligent character in the show, possibly rivaling Lumpy.

  • It's a Snap: He decapitates Lumpy with his laser vision.
  • Helping Helps: He flies into a branch, which causes Giggles to be decapitated.
  • Better Off Bread: He catches a falling Giggles, but fractures her back in the process. Throughout the episode, Splendid never once thinks about actually putting Giggles down before doing anything else. He presumably kills a seal and two seagulls in an oil spill. Then he flies into space to blow up an asteroid, still carrying Giggles and skinning her face. Later when he places Giggles next to Toothy, he doesn't notice her skinned face.
  • From Hero to Eternity: When he tries to save Cuddles through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, he blows the rabbit to pieces and deafens Giggles. He whacks a snowball away with a tree, not checking to see if anyone was in the tree house. He does not remove Lumpy from a truck before using it to stop the other snowball. This plan ends in the town being flooded and several characters sinking to their deaths in a whirlpool. Finally, he kills Cub by putting him in a dryer, not checking to see him inside his laundry basket.
  • Gems the Breaks: He blows kryptonut dust away and takes off his mask, resulting in it blowing back to his face. He also holds all of his vomit in his mouth, allowing it to build up until he explodes.
  • See What Develops: He fails to save Handy and Mime simply because he had nowhere to change out of his disguise and even after changing, Splendid has a hard time choosing whether or not to follow The Mole or save Handy when the latter would have been the obvious choice. Then he mistakenly attacks Giggles, thinking she was the Mole. He flies off so fast that Giggles and a nearby Toothy are shredded. Finally, he freezes Cuddles with his ice breath and breaks him in an attempt to thaw him out.
  • Wrath of Con: He sends a pencil tip through the heads of Russell, Disco Bear, and Mime. Then he accidentally deafens, suffocates and kills a crowd of fans, also destroying the convention center. Finally, he gets Sniffles crushed by a chunk of debris, which he could have tossed aside before agreeing to give him an autograph.
  • Breaking Wind: He does nothing to save the victims of the tornado and dooms the entire planet because of his book pages. The wise decision would have been to leave the book at home.
  • Just Be Claus: He doesn't think about removing the ring from Petunia's hand before crushing it and breaks her fingers. Later, when he destroys the list, he accidentally uses his heat vision seconds after the list has been disintegrated and ends up slicing Cuddles in half.


S3E17 Differnt sandwich

One of these sandwiches is not like the others.

Despite her newness to the show, Lammy has already proven herself capable of making many stupid mistakes.

  • Every Episode She Stars, is Featured, or Appears in: Carries with her a serial killer (or who she believes is one), even though every time he does something bad she gets blamed for the crimes. (Debatable, because she may fear what he would do if left alone and feels it's her duty to be there to stop him.)
  • Royal Flush: She never notices that a certain pickle just crawled into one of the sandwiches she was about to serve when she should at least have seen his inanimate form. She tries to take the nozzle out of Petunia's eye and later reverses it instead of simply turning the vacuum off.
  • You're Kraken Me Up: She does not see the tentacle controlling Giggles, and even starts cheering when Lumpy "saves" her.
  • All Work and No Play: She, along with Nutty and Sniffles, decide to play on a playground that is under demolition.


S1E3 Acornhead

Close enough to Giggles' head I guess...

Even though the main characters are more developed and have more screen time to show acts of stupidity. Recurring, Minor, Generic, and even One-Time Characters can have their own acts of stupidity as well.

  • Helping Helps: Giggles' Mom accepts an acorn with a crudely drawn face as her daughter's head and doesn't notice when it falls off.
  • A Change of Heart: The Generic Tree Friend driving the truck through the tunnel doesn't stop when there's a large heart in the way and continues to drive until the truck crashes.
  • Tongue in Cheek: The Ants let a drawing on Sniffles' finger inside mistaking it for a real ant.
  • Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II): An unseen Generic Tree Friend drives a chicken truck on the sidewalk and runs over Flippy in plain sight.
  • Operation: Tiger Bomb: Tiger General, as well as his soldiers, don't question that someone wearing an enemy uniform is delivering a pizza to their base in the middle of a battlefield.
    • A Tiger Soldier picks up what he thinks is an apple, but when he realizes it's a lit bomb he holds on to it, despite having ample time to throw it away.
    • When Fliqpy reveals himself, all of the Tiger Soldiers stand still and do not attempt to shoot Fliqpy with their guns, even when he kills one of them with Sneaky's skeleton.
  • Mirror Mirror: Splendont drops a train full of passengers upside-down and tries to beat Splendid by pushing the moon to Earth, killing many Generic Tree Friends, which was clearly not his intention.
  • I Nub You: The Generic Tree Friends who gave Lumpy the remains of Handy and Petunia only gave him at least five pins of meat from the two characters each instead of bringing all of them.
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